A letter from Catherine(via “slowly”)

细雪晴臣 2019-06-28 20:13:03

Dear pen-pal It’s been a couple of months since I started using slowly, and I still have that feeling of excitement when I see letter arriving, this is all I have always dream of, a pen-pal, I mean, my grandmother used to say that she had a lot of pen-pal friends, and I admired her determination cause in her case the internet don’t even exist. So I love the idea of making friends this way. My native language is Spanish, so I've been living and breathing in Spanish from the moment I could talk and even long before that, and nevertheless a word yet to be discovered in a book somebody lent me still has the power to mesmerize me. I still find myself staring at the page, sounding out the term, trying to gauge whether I'm placing the stress on the right syllable. I started learning English so early on in my life that I don't even remember a time when such words as "hello", "friend", or "age" didn't make sense to me. Simple words, small blocks to build solid foundations with. A brick house turning into a palace turning into a lighthouse, from which to gaze at your newly expanded horizon. A whole world unfolding before you, unlocked by a set of sounds and letters slowly becoming clearer and clearer. And yet I still mix up my prepositions, so sorry for that. Some might find this frustrating, but I think the endless learning potential is what really makes languages fascinating. They're like old friends that you'll get to know better as the years go by, and that will never cease to surprise you anyway. I really enjoy reading books and try to read at least 2 a month. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with this schedule, especially while going to work and studying the postgraduate, but I try my best. I also really like movies and will sometimes watch a movie from a book after I have read the book just to see if they’re different and to see which I like more. Usually the book is better. Mmm now I’m going to borrow a quote from Virginia Woolf, “Please write, long long letters, all about yourself and if you like me. That is what I want. I don't really read anything with interest except your letters.” Please write and tell me about yourself, I’d love to hear. Talk with you soon! Catherine

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