Podcast 55. Everything Is Alive

Jacintta H 2019-04-13 21:03:22

Everything Is Alive



第一集很惊艳,一位人类记者Ian,采访一罐名叫Louis的可乐,它不是大家都知道的可口可乐或者百事,它是一个商店自创的可乐品牌。很认真的采访和很认真的回答,甚至有几个问题还有点存在主义的哲学思考,哈哈,人类记者的语速和语气让我想起Ira Glass。以下截取一段问答:

IAN: Does it seem, I mean I think about this with you because and I'm sorry if this isn't the right way to put it, but it seems like your purpose is to be consumed by a human, and so you know we all want to serve our purpose, we all wanna be useful. And yet for you, the moment of your use is the moment where you are no more, and I wonder if that's something you anticipate with optimism or if it feels like you're approaching the end?

LOUIS: That's a paradox isn't it?

IAN: It is, yeah.

LOUIS: I guess on the one hand, I do sort of dread the idea of being consumed. You know, all beings endeavor to persist in their own being. Spinoza said that. I heard about that from a cup of coffee, but on the other hand, I guess on some level I still hope that I will kind of fulfil myself by being consumed you know? I think that dream is still very much alive. Though, if I'm being perfectly honest with you, you know I do sometimes fear that moment is passed.

IAN: I feel weird saying this, but I could drink you.

欲知采访如何往下发展,请听"Louis, A Can of Cola”。


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