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He leaves a message -a yellow sticky -他用黄色便笺留下信息 on the dead black of his computer screen. 贴在毫无生气的黑色电脑屏幕上。 'Gone to lunch.I may be some time.' “去吃午饭,一会儿再回。” His colleagues won't be seeing him for the rest of the afternoon. 他的同事们今天下午都不会再看到他了, Rare joy of truancy, of bold escape from the trap of work. 终于能从工作的羁绊里,偷得浮生半日闲 That heap of typescript can be left to dwell on its thousand offences against grammar and good sense. 那堆语法和表达都无比违和的文稿随它们去吧。 His trusty blue pen can snooze with its cap on. 他值得信任的蓝色圆珠笔,终于可以戴起帽子打个盹儿了。 Nobody will notice. 没有人会发觉。 He shuts the door on the sleeping dog of his own departure. 他关上门离开,绝不打草惊蛇. Hurries, not too fast, 匆匆离去,但又不过快。 along the corridor, taps the lift button, and waits. 穿过走廊,轻按电梯按钮,然后等待。 To meet even one person at this delicate juncture would sully the whole enterprise. 在这微妙的关头,只要遇到一个人就会破坏全盘的计划。 But he's in luck. 但他是幸运的。 LIFT PINGS(电梯响起) The lift yawns emptily. 电梯懒洋洋地打起哈欠,空无一人。 He steps in.....is enclosed... 他走进……关起…… ..and carried downwards to sunlight…… 通向楼下灿烂的阳光, and London's approximation of fresh air. 和伦敦的新鲜空气。 With one bound.....he is free! 轻轻一跃……他自由了! It's a district of literary ghosts that walk in broad daylight. 这是个艳阳之下也看得到文坛魂灵的地方 Keep your imagination peeled and see Virginia Woolf 舒展你的想象力,你就会看到弗吉尼亚 伍尔夫…… loping off to the library with a trug full of books. 提着满满一篮书懒洋洋地走向图书馆。 And there goes TS Eliot, bound for his first Martini of the day, 这位是托马斯·艾略特,正奔向他一天中的第一杯马提尼酒…… with his gig-lamps and his immaculate sheen. 带着他轻便的马车灯和无瑕的光辉。 BloomSвury and its blue plaques. 布鲁姆伯利区和她的蓝色匾额, The squares and stucco terraces, 广场和灰泥装饰的天台, where the little industrious publishers still like to hide their offices. 勤劳的小出版商们正藏身其间。 Leafy literary-land, 绿杨阴里的文学圣地, that by some dispensation has been left to stand amid the road drills and high, swivelling cranes. 由于某种特许,方能逃脱庞大的起重机的魔爪。 In his 50s, he favorites a younger man's impatient pace, 五十岁了,他却还是喜爱年轻人急切的步调, skipping round dawdling or stupidly halted pedestrians. 跳跃着闪过或闲散或蹒跚的行人。 You're not properly living in London if you don't use the dodges, the short cuts. 如果你不懂得走捷径的妙技,那你便不算是真正生活在伦敦。 Yet it's 20 minutes' walk from work to this lunchtime date with an old flame. 步行20分钟,去赴与旧爱的午宴之约。 Gaggles of tourists straggle more provocatively than ever. 游客摩肩接踵的街头比以往更加恼人。 Never mind, he's making good time -note the active verb – 没关系,他的步行还是非常顺利,---注意这个主动语态 and he expects she'll be late. 他估计她会姗姗来迟。 The restaurant is an old haunt, though he hasn't been there for years. 这间餐馆他们曾流连忘返,而他已经许多年没去光顾过了。 Zanzotti's -unreformed Soho Italian. Zanzotti's – 从未改变的Soho区意大利餐馆。 Chianti in a basket, breadsticks you snap with a sneeze of dust, 篮子里的勤地酒,轻咬一口面包条便会因碎屑而喷嚏连连, red gingham cloths, overlaid on the diagonal with plain green paper ones. 红色的方格花布,平铺在纯绿墙纸房间的对角线, Finger Smears at the neck of the water carafe, 玻璃水杯的瓶颈上还残留着指印, When he suddenly recollects... 他猛然忆起, What, precisely? 那究竟是什么? Deja vu? 那份似曾相识的感觉?(原文为法语) Some artistic analogy? 是一种美好的相似? Too bad. Let it go. 糟糕。任由它去吧。 On the threshold, 站在门口, on the edge of a shadow-world that is yet to welcome him, 站在这迎接他的幻影世界的边缘, he stands and waits. 他在等待。 Waits for a waiter. 等待侍者。 First disappointing thing – 第一件令人失望的事情—— no sign of Massimo, 没有Massimo的迹象, nor of his old staff. 也没有他的老员工。 Massimo's pirate crew, as he privately thought of them, Massimo的海盗伙计,他曾经暗暗称之, some of whose names he knew whilst knowing nothing of their lives beyond the act 他知道他们之中一些人的名字,却对他们的生活一无所知,除了他们在餐馆的举止 grave, flirtatious, resentful, brisk, droll – 或死气沉沉,或轻浮挑逗,或忿忿不平,或轻快活泼,或逗趣滑稽—— each brought to the table. 一一被搬上餐桌。 Instead, young men and women -今天取而代之的,是年轻的侍者—— roughly half and half - and not all looking especially Italian. 大概各占一半——看上去并非所有都是意大利人。 How long has it been? Five years? 已经过去多少年了?五年? Six years? 六年? Ten? 十年? Fifteen? 十五年? God help us all. 上帝救救我们。 Though time's winged chariot with the brakes off 时光如白驹过隙,一切 and in full downhill hurtle must be inaudible, unheard-of, rather, 都在指尖溜走, 在岁月的河流里湮没不闻, to these sprightly boys and girls. 即使对无忧无虑的少年少女亦是如此。 He is noticed, but not recognized, by a waiter he does not recognize, 他被注意到了,却没有被认出,这是位他并不认识的侍者。 but who catches his name in his right ear, then bows clerically 侍者用右耳听到了他的名字, over the ledger that bulges 便如牧师般欠身, from all the names, the months and years of names, written in it, 翻看满是经年累月留下的名字的记事本, and that sits open on a slope like a church-lectern Bible. 它铺展在倾斜的桌面,似乎教胤堂诵经台上的圣经。 The Book of Reservations. “预约记录本”。 As ever, that pause of anxiety and mute appeal. 一如往常,焦虑的暂停和无声的请求。 But there, happily, it is. 在那儿!很好。 Scriptural confirmation. 这是来自圣经的确认。 Without a Smile, without a word, he is eyebrowed and nodded to follow. 没有微笑,没有言语,挑眉和点头就是让他跟在身后的邀请。 Thank you. 谢谢。 And the wine list, please? 请问酒单?…… On the back. 在背面。 I see. 明白了。 So things are different after all under new mismanagement. 在这新的不当管理之下,一切都不复从前。 Might have known it. Did know it, perhaps. 本该知道的。或许,已经知道了。 The very table linen has lost its patriotism. 亚麻桌布已经失去了往日的爱国情怀。 Plain white. We surrender. 纯白色。到底还是屈服了。 And this menu -this twanging laminated card – 而这菜单——嚓嚓作响的压层卡片—— big as a riot pоliceman's shield. 大得简直就像防暴武警的盾牌。 Hmm. At first glance, pizzas by the yard. 唔……一眼看过去,满是披萨。 More pizzas than there should be. 实在是太多了。 And too much designer pizzazz. 菜单设计者真有些激情过剩。 Choose the right wine and have it ready breathing for when she arrives. 挑一款好酒,在她到来之时就可以准备得当。 There's a mid-price Chianti,which won't come plump in tight straw swaddling, 这是中等价格的勤地酒,并不太贵, but will do for auld lang syne. 祝福那些美好的往日,已经够了。 Old times' sake being the precarious purpose of this tete-a-tete, 这双人午宴由于旧日的缘故,或许有什么危险的目的, and possibly a great big mistake. 可能会铸成大错。 We said we wouldn't look back. 我们说过的,我们无法回头。 Why did she e-mail him suggesting...? 那么她还为何会发邮件提议……? No, HE did. 不,是他提议的。 THEY CHATTER AND LAUGH(人们谈天大笑。) He commands - nice word -a clear view of the entrance, 他掌控着——这是个好词——入口的视线, lit contre-jour so that each new arrival, new candidate for his notice, 正对着门口,是他能够注意到每一个新的来人, appears to step from brightness to bathos with a tacit apology. 从光明步入虚伪,带着心照不宣的歉意。 'Sorry, I'm not...' ‘对不起,我不是……' But if not, what? 但若不是,又是什么呢? What will she look like? 她……会是何种模样? Fwop! 喔! The cork leaves the bottle and his quick nose wants to pick up the escaping bouquet. 软木塞离开酒瓶,他敏感的鼻子追踪着逃逸的酒香。 Will it be all right? 会不错吧? The waiter pours out the statutory measure – 侍者倒出了似乎是法定约束的量, one imperial glug - which he lifts and breathes over thinkingly. 优雅地汩汩流出 - 他举起杯,若有所思地嗅着。 Not corked. 不必再盖上了。 That's fine, thank you. Leave it there. 很好了,谢谢你。放在那儿吧。 He'll do the pouring. 他会自己倒的。 It's quite sharp but should broaden out. 葡萄不够熟,相当酸,应该让酸味逸出。 He takes his tumbler of water, overweight bubbles mobbing up to greet him, 他拿起冰水,泡沫熙熙攘攘地欢迎他。 sips that and feels the chill fizz smash against his palate. 轻轻啜饮,冰冷的寒意冲击着他的味觉。 Thirstier than he thought, 他比他所想的还要口渴 he drinks till the ice rests on his upper lip. 他一饮而尽,直到冰块停留在他的上唇。 WOMAN: Hello. (女声)你好。 She's here. 她来了。 How did that happen? Had he taken his eyes off the door for so long? 这是怎么回事?他已经把目光从门口移开这么久了吗? Flustered, self-reprimanding,he is still able to start to rise from his seat... 手足无措,自我谴责,但他还是能从椅子上起身…… Well...I didn't see... 哦……我没有看到…… ..and be met halfway with a soft peck, smack in the middle of his mouth. 却在中途邂逅了轻轻一吻,印在他的唇间。 Familiar collision of pout against pout. 唇与唇熟悉地触碰。 Though there's something different, too. A new...what? Fragrance? Aura? 但也有些许不同。那不同的是什么?……芬芳?气息? Hint of carefree expenditure? 不必计较消费的暗示? Waft of wealth? 富有的讯号? How lovely. 多美。 I hope I'm not late. 但愿我没有来迟。 You're not late at all. 一点也没有。 So, the human paradox. 看,人类的自相矛盾、似是而非。 The same and changed. 未曾改变的和不复当初的…… All that he remembers, vivid in the differences. 他记得曾经的一切,她的改变历历在目。 Is she thinner? 她瘦了? Somehow there's a sharper outline which is not just smart tailoring, 似乎更加分明的曲线,又不仅仅得益于聪明的裁缝, and her hair looks better behaved. 她的发型看起来愈发精致。 She hangs her bag, pampered scarlet leather, 她提起她的皮包,奢侈的亮红皮革, over the back of her chair and skips into the seat. 挂在椅背,然后轻快地坐在椅子上。 'Now,' that movement says.quick, eager, a touch needy, “就是现在”, 那个动作传达着。迅速, 渴望, 急切, as if she were beginning a lesson in a subject she's good at. 好像她正要上一节她所擅长科目的课。 It puts him on his mettle. 这可要让他全力以赴了。 There! 嗨! Here. 嗨。 Lips, eyes, eyebrows and the new lines in her forehead 双唇,眉眼,额头新生的皱纹, fill out the harmony. 调和而优雅。 Have some wine. 来点酒。 I'm afraid it... 我恐怕…… hasn't really had time. 它还没放够时间。 He pours into the two glasses, 他倒进两个杯子, measuring by ear identical notes. 用听觉衡量,直到持平。 This is a disappointment. Remember the old flasks? 真是令人失望,还记得曾经的细颈瓶吗? Kitsch, I know, but didn't you have a soft spot? 很俗气,我知道,但是谁又能完美无瑕? Snug in their raffia like fat cuckoos in small nests. 现在这些瓶子在酒椰里舒服地待着,就跟发福的布谷鸟蹲在巢里似的 Still, nothing lasts. 不过也是,没什么能永恒不变。 What's the toast? Happy days? -祝酒词是什么呢?-美好生活? Happy days it is. “美好生活”, 就是它了。 Rims meet and clink, swaying the cradled liquid. 杯缘相触,叮然声响,杯中酒液轻轻摇晃, "Dark, sluggish ink" 犹如浓黑而凝滞的墨水 "and they drink" 微呡 "becoming palatable" 酒变得可口起来 "you haven't changed" 你一点都没改变 "I have." 噢,变了好多 "Witness this morning's bathroom mirror" 清晨在浴室照镜子的场景又浮现在眼前 "The grey, the flab" 从灰白的头发,松弛的肌肉 "the stoop, the frown" 倭佝的腰身,紧蹙的双眉 "and in the deliberating, disbelieving eyes" 以及那双深邃而多疑的眼睛里 "something like...terror" 透露出一种恐惧 "Not to notice" 还真看不出来 "was that one of the problems," he wonders 这是问题之一吗 他很好奇 "her bithe rebuffing of such facts" 她对这一事实的断然否认 "as didn't match an optimistic outlook" 是否意味着与她之前的美好畅想有所不同 "He could argue but the waiter intervenes with a second menue" 他本可以争辩,但此时服务生拿来了另一份菜单 "which slices into the infant conversation like a sweetly swung axe." 如一把无形之刃打断了二人刚刚开始的交谈 "The menu, senora." 这是菜单,夫人 "Thank you" 谢谢 "It's almost all pizzas" 几乎全是披萨 "I'm afraid the place has gone to the dogs" 恐怕这个地方已经堕落了 "Don't be absurd - it's fine" 别太刻薄了,还不错了 "In fact, at first glance, it's improved" 事实上,第一眼看上去,这里还改进了一些呢 "You know, when you suggested this, I wasn't so sure." 你知道吗,你建议来这里的时候,我并不是很肯定 "almost any other venue" 几乎其他所有的餐厅都比这儿好 "all that surly waiter business" 那种刻板的待客模式 "was much more your kick than mine" 让人一点都没有宾至如归的感觉 "but when I came in the door" 但是当我推门进来的时候 "I thought, well, OK" 我想 好不错呢 "And I'm quite glad to see a menue" 而且我很高兴能看到 "that doesn't make a fetish of stracciatella and pollo sorpreso" 一份不极力推荐巧香纯奶和劲爆鸡米花的菜单 "Good" 很好 "Excellent" 非常好 "if you say so" 如果你这么觉得的话 "Did he play the wrong card" 他是不是出错牌了 "could things be turning nasty" 事情会不会被搞砸 "retreating to cover" 为了掩饰自己 "he concentrates hard on the antipasti" 他卖力将注意力集中在开胃小菜上 "Come one. No sulks" 拜托,我没生气 "Be nice, sois sage" 友善一点 规矩一点 "Cajoling English and caressing French" 循循善诱的英语和带些宠溺的法语 "How long has it been? Ten years?" 已经过去多少年了 十年? "Eleven" 十一年? "Fifrteen" 是十五年 "No, it can't be that. Let's settle for twelve." 不 不可能这么长 我们就当是12年吧 "And we've only got lunch in which to tell each other everything,

so..." 我们只有在午餐的时间才互敞心扉,那么 "Truce" 休战吧 "For a moment, he withholds, mouth full of pause..." 在这一时刻,他勉力克制,嘴中满满都是踌躇 "...which he can either spit out or swallow" 不在沉默中爆发 就在沉默中投降 "what's the use" 有什么用呢 "Pax" 和解 "His glass is drained, hers is barely touched" 他的杯中红酒所剩无几,而她的却几乎没有碰过 "judiciously, he brings the levels level" 小心而审慎地,他将杯中的酒加到相同高度 "So.." 那么 "who's to start" 谁先来 "You." 你 "Right." 好 "I'll tell you everything I can." 我会告诉你我的一切 "There is little to relate." 其实没有什么好玩的 "It was an aged, aged man." 只不过是所有老男人都经历过的事 "Stop!" 停 "What?" 怎么 "If you can't be serious, we'll talk about something else or nothing at all." 如果你不能严肃,那我们还是谈点别的吧,或者什么也别说了 "I was about to do that. That's my whole story." 我正要开始呢,这就是我全部的故事 "Signora, signore." 夫人,先生 "We haven't..." 我们还没有 "Yes. Thank you." 好 谢谢 "Impeccable timing." 真会挑时候 "But I'd like some advice" 不过我需要一点建议 "She doesn't need it." 她不需要 "but that's her style" 不过那是她的风格 "to entrust herself in unimportant matters." 让自己置身于一些无关紧要的琐事中 "pose questions that are easy to answer," 提一些易于回答的问题 "and indeed it makes the waiter smile when," 不过这确实让服务员微笑起来 "tapping the menu decisively," 他果断指点着菜单 "she requests the pumpkin ravioli because he has recommended it," 而她也欣然接受了服务员推荐的南瓜馅意大利水饺 "with sea bass to follow." 以及一份深海黑鲈 "Signore?" 先生? "His turn" 轮到他了 "Carpaccio" 白汁红肉 "And in the absence of..." 鉴于这里没有 "pollo whatsit" 鸡肉 "pizza Napoletana, extra anchovies." 那就来份那波利披萨,多加点凤尾鱼 "No-one smiles at that, because he is not nice." 他的不友善让所有人都不愉快 "What say we start again?" 如果一切重新开始会怎么样 "Wind back the years?" 让时光倒流? "Minutes. You know what I mean." 只倒回几分钟,你知道我的意思 "An, my autobiography. No change there." 噢,我的自传,没什么变化 "Confessions of a copy editor, chapter 93" 第93章 一个文字编辑的忏悔录 "It's an ordinary day in a publishing house of ill repute" 在一家声名狼藉的出版社度过平凡的一天 "Another moronic manuscript comes crashing down the chute." 又一篇文笔幼稚的手稿投进来 "to be turned into art." 等待着被加工成艺术品 "This morning it was Wayne Wanker's latest dog's dinner of sex," 这天早晨要出版的是维恩·万卡最新的性爱打杂烩 "teenage phiosophy and writing-course prose." 青少年哲学以及写作课散文 "Abracadabra" 一派胡言 "kick it up the arse and out it goes to be Book of the Week or some other bollocks." 踹他屁股一脚他都能写成“每周一书”或者其他什么废话 "what a fraud. what a farce" 真是一个骗局 一场闹剧 "and tomorrow, which of our geniuses" 然而第二天 我们的天才们 "will escape from the zoo and head straight for us" 又要从动物园里跑出来 直奔向我们这里 "with a new masterpiece lifeless in his jaws" 宣扬他们乏善可陈的最新著作 "That's about the size of it. What about you?" 我的生活大致就是这样 你呢 "Business as usual, then." 一切如常 "Yes." 是的 "After such a rant." 在这样一通倾诉之后 "he finds it difficult to look her in the eye." 他发现很难再直视她的眼镜 "which is bright, amused, searching, pitiless," 这双眼镜如此明亮 顽皮 透彻 而又无情 "but he has to try." 但是他必须试试 "A sip may help." 也许可以喝口酒壮壮胆 "When he notices for the first time the faint," 他第一次注意到那圈模糊的 "faint nimbus of the lens" 模糊的瞳孔的光轮 "circling the gold-shot azure of each iris" 它环绕着双掺杂着些许金色的天蓝色双眸、 "Well, of course. 'Oracle eyes' he used to call them." 当然了 他曾经称它们为“贤者之瞳” "The harder you looked," 你看的越认真, "the more sublime and unreadable they become." 它们就变得越庄严且难以辨读 "But have they lost their old force?" 然而它们是否还拥有昔日的魔力呢? "The heretical question strengthen his own stare." 这种古怪的问题使他的目光更加肆无忌惮 "Gaze meets gaze, revealing, as ever," 当目光与目光相触 一如曾经一样 透露出的 "everthing and nothing there." 似是一切 而又一切皆空 "Flyaway thought. Back to life." 停止白日梦 回到现实 "And you?" 你呢 "Oh! The good wife and loving mother." 噢!一位好太太 好母亲 "That keeps me occupied. I've no complaints." 二者占据了我的生活 我没有什么好抱怨的 "And Paris is a fabulous city." 巴黎是一个令人着迷的城市 "You really should visit." 你真的应该去那里看看 "He has." 他去过 "but is it the moment to mention that crazed escapade?" 不过这时候去讲那次疯狂的越轨行为合适么 "Skulking at dusk in her prim grey square," 潜伏于巴黎城灰色广场的暮色之中 "address folded in his raincoat pocket," 地址条折好放在雨衣的口袋里 "with no real intention of ringing the doorbell," 他不愿去按响门铃 "yet unable to depart." 然而却又不甘心离去 "Until the horriable shock of the pigeons," 直到一群鸽子受到了巨大的惊吓 "an entire flock rising at some scare into the diminished light" 一整群鸽子被吓得飞了起来 消失在暮光中 "like a thousand unbrellas simultaneously opening" 就像一千把雨伞同时展开 "and telling him to go." 告诉他是时候离开了 "No, he thinks. No." 不 他想 不要说 "She seems not to have noticed, averted from him," 她似乎并没有注意到 目光转向一旁 "twisting in her seat," 在她的座位中扭动着身体 "chin raise, eyes reconnoitring." 下颚微微扬起 目光四处游移 "He'd like to kiss her long neck." 他想要亲吻她袖长的颈部 "Nibble it." 轻咬它 "Nuzzle her jawbone with his nose." 用他的鼻尖轻轻爱抚她的脸颊 "Which one is our waiter? We could do with some more water." 哪一个是我们的服务生 我们得加点水了 "That's...That's hie over there." 是 是那边那个 "Are you sure?" 你确定吗? "You can't have forgotten." 你怎么能忘呢 "You were practically seducing him a minute ago." 你可是刚刚勾引过他啊 "It's nice to know you're still madly jealous." 知道你现在还那么容易吃醋真让人高兴 "Oh, yes, he's rotten with jealousy." 噢 是的 他浑身上下都散发着醋意 "Absolutely I am not." 很显然我没有 "And now we're on the subject, how is the old pseud?" 现在我们就事论事 那个老骗子怎么样了 "He means her husband, the celebrated novelist." 他说的是她的丈夫 一位著名的小说家 "The ubiquitous jacket photo, the wintry smirk." 那张无处不在的夹克照和那张伪善的笑脸 "that stole her from him." 把她从他身边偷走 "she throws out a laugh." 她发出一声大笑 "Ha!" 哈 "A single syllable." 说出一个词来 "Flourishing, thank you." 非常好 谢谢 "How could she have been so gullible?" 她为何如此容易受骗 "There's a new book of stories out in the autumn" 他有一本新小说将于秋季发布 "and right now, he's hard at work." 现在 他应哈佛大学之邀 "at some lectures that Harvard have asked him to do, so..." 正卖力地做讲座 所以 "everything's perfect" 一切都很好 "And how could he have been so abject as to let it happen?" 而他怎能如此可悲地让这一切发生 "Once more she is distracted, catching the eye of the waiter" 她再一次分心了 用端庄优雅的动作 "with a demure flutter of restaurant semaphore." 叫来了服务生 "and asking for more water." 她又要了杯水 "And we'll need another bottle of this." 我们再来瓶这种酒 "Right. So, er, does he, does he know that we're...?" 对了 那个 呃 他 他知不知道我们 "having lunch?" 共进午餐? "Yes. Of course. I told him." 当然知道 我告诉他了 "And he instructed me to pass on his warmest regards," 他还让我向你致以最诚挚的问候 "which I've no intention of doing, as he well knows." 虽然他知道我不会这么做 "That's very kind!" 真是太有心了 "Of both of you, I suppose." 我说的是 你们俩 "He watches," 他看着 "and his companion watches him watch," 他的女伴注视着他的眼光 "the flexing of supple back and sturdy haunches." 女服务生露出柔软的后背和挺翘的臀部 "as the waitress raises and twists the head of the wooden phallus," 当她用力地拧着那如同阳具的木质调料瓶时 "scattering seed." 调料如精子般落下 "Buon appetito." 请慢用 "Thank you." 谢谢 "First mouthfuls are discussed and pronounced delicious." 先尝第一口 都说味道非常不错 "Then, as of old, forks trade between dishes." 然后 和过去一样 将叉子伸进对方的盘里 "and swaps are analysed." 互相品尝 相互评价 "Mmm. You chose well." 嗯 你点得不错 "Nutmeg. I think. Or could it be mace?" 我想 是肉豆蔻 或者是肉豆蔻干皮 "Sweet accord of comparisons and compliments" 悉心的对比 甜蜜的称赞 "recalling a time before the souring." 两人回忆起分手前耳鬓厮磨的美好时光 "Beef's beautifully lean," 牛肉肥瘦适宜 "and the capers are not too overpowering." 剌山柑的味道恰到好处 "I suppose this is nothing to what you're used to." 我觉得你以前不常这样吧 "Paris?" 巴黎? "You know, we never eat out." 你要知道 我们基本不出去吃 "The boys have appetites but absolutely no taste." 孩子们倒是胃口不错 但毫无品味 "It's like feeding large dogs." 就像喂大狗一样 "Smart restaurants, haute cuisine, would be a total waste." 什么精致的饭馆 高级的菜肴 完全是种浪费 "So, this" 所以这一次 "even Zanzotti's" 即使是在Zanzotti这样的地方吃饭 "is a rare treat." 也算是机会难得 "Despite the qualification, satisfying to hear." 先且不论其他 就这句听上去还算悦耳 "He has killed a bottle almost single-handed." 他独自喝下了近一整瓶红酒 "When he seizes the new one and nods it in her direction," 当他拿起新的一瓶 朝她的方向伸来时 "her flattened hand places an interdiction on the half-full glass" 她伸手遮住了半满的玻璃杯 "that would be half-empty to him." 而对他来说 那杯子是半空的 "Slender fingers," 纤长的手指 "Once so intimate and versatile and tender." 曾经是那么的温柔细腻 多才多艺 "Whirls of wrinkles sealing the knuckles deeper now," 虽然指关节处回旋的细纹如今清晰可见 "though the lacquerless nails remain buffed and neat" 但未涂指甲油的指甲依然光亮整洁 "Admitting defeat, the bottle withdraws backwards." 添酒未遂 他讲酒瓶满满撤回 "Still bowing like a courtier," 像卑微的谄媚者一般 "turns to his own glass and..." 将酒倒进了自己的酒杯 随即 "'A word in your ear' blurts out its sorrows in a splashy gabble." “耳畔的呢喃”在红酒溅开的顷刻诉说着心中的忧伤 "With the blade of her fork she presses down, punctures," 她用叉子的边缘压住 叉入 "gashes, saws, seesaws," 划开 切断 "slices into a plump, glistening pasta packet," 切开了一个松软油亮的面饼 "then scoops and carries half to her mouth." 然后舀起一块送入口中 "Chews." 细嚼慢咽 "Chews, he observes." 他察觉到 "with less conspicuous relish than he used to." 她的咀嚼已经不如从前那样有滋有味 "Have all her appetites turned less lusty?" 难道她的食欲消减了吗 "Mind your own business." 管好自己的事吧 "But isn't it his business to remember certain times?" 可铭记那段美好时光 难道不算他的事吗 "Old times, bedtimes," 在过去的日子 在缠绵的时分 "between-times, any-times," 无论是有时或任何时候 "of a startling impromptu innocent lasciviousness" 都充满了无限惊喜 纯洁 风花雪月 "that he'll never know again?" 这一切他讲再也无法重温了吗 "Sleep-musky kisses that roused him in the small hours," 睡梦中那麝香味的轻吻 让他凌晨便浴火燃烧 "Peremptory custody of light, firm limbs," 断然打开灯 紧抓着手臂 "the polyrhythmic riding he'll never know again." 那样充满韵律的动作 他再也没机会感受 "Caught a fish a let it go." 不求天长地久 但求曾经拥有 "Found a treasure and threw it away." 觅得稀世之宝 却不懂珍惜 "Hey, hey." 嘿 嘿 "Drop it now." 忘了吧 "Figure of folly and pathos." 愚蠢可悲的小人物 "Voyeur of the past, and of the present." 下流地回忆过去 窥伺现在 "He steals a peep." 他偷偷地观察着 "Every movement has elegance and economy, is swift and deft." 她的每一动作都那么的优雅干练,敏捷灵巧 "The jut of her wristbone, marvel of engineering," 她突出的腕骨 仿佛造物的奇迹 "holds the secret." 充满神秘 "and as a connoisseur" 作为一名鉴赏家 "he yearns to inspect it at closer quarters," 他渴望能离他近一点 "by eye and by touch." 用眼睛观察她 用手去触摸她 "But how can he catch it?" 但是 他怎样才能做到 "Like a butterfly hunter, he ponders the problem." 像一位捕蝴蝶的孩童 他迷惘了 "Sweetheart" 亲爱的 "Sweetheart...I hate to say it, but you're leering." 亲爱的 我不想说这些 但是你看不该看的地方 "My God. You're right." 我的天啊 你说的对 "I'm sorry. It's the old male gaze." 对不起 这是老男人特有的眼神 "Through alcoholic haze." 酒乱情迷 "You can say that again." 你再说一遍 "I think I've fallen in love with your wrist." 我觉得我爱上你的手腕 "I think I've become a wrist of festishist." 我想我成了个恋手腕癖者 "You're an everything fetishist, always have been." 你什么都恋 从来都是 "Guilt" 罪过啊 "You know, it's one thing to ogle a waitress's bum," 你知道么 盯着女服务生的臀部看也就算了 "But this is the wrist of a married woman." 可这是一位有夫之妇的手腕 "Private property. Look" 私有财产 看 "I'm sure you can see the mark of the manacles, so..." 我肯定你看到了手铐的痕迹 所以 "kindly desist." 别再乱想了 "Now. where are the toilets?" 嗯 盥洗室在哪 "Half-empty. But that can wait." 酒杯半空了 但那可以等等再倒 "How's the bottle" 还剩多少 "Plenty" 还满着呢 "He thinks." 他思考着 "Thinks about drink, about his drinking." 思考着酒 思考着如何饮完这酒 "The taste of his last mouthful lies" 最后一口食物的味道还萦绕在唇边 "like rust on his tongue." 舌尖如生锈般苦涩 "Harsh, and yet his tongue craves more." 虽苦涩无比 却渴望更多 "At rest in the glass, the wine is rusted purple." 酒杯呈剩余的红酒呈现出铁锈般的紫色 "so there exists an affinity." 于是 舌尖与红酒之间 "a strong mutual pull between wine and tongue." 的确存在着一种亲密的联系 强大的吸引力 "They are complementary." 他们相知相依 "They are in love." 他们相爱了 "The silent tongue calls out, and the wine," 缄默的舌尖轻声呼唤 而红酒 "though inanimate, will heed the call." 虽不曾相迎 却会倾耳聆听 "Well, it's a theory." 这是一个真理 "Lent support when the glass rises and, this time," 给自己鼓鼓劲 举起酒杯 这一次 "not stopping short, delivers one lover to the other." 毫不犹豫地 将一个恋人送入她心爱人的怀中 "They kiss" 他们亲吻着 "There's a little death," 有些欲生欲死 "an insufficient bliss, but repeatable later." 飘飘欲仙 难以自拔 "But he's interrupted by mention of a book he's actually written." 这一切却因提到他写的书而被打断 "His own. His only." 属于他自己的 他的唯一 "I read your book. Are you working on any more?" 我读过你的书 你还在写吗 "No" 没 "Blow-all" 写完了 "Not a squeak" 没机会写 "True. The muse of Misery." 这是真的 那令人苦恼的缪斯女神 "So lavish in her attentions for a year or two," 在慷慨地关照了他一两年后 "has not revisited" 不在复返 "and that modest volume of 36 wounded and weeping lyrics remains

unique." 自那肝肠寸断 伤心欲绝的三十六首诗后 再无他作 "The book conceived in tears will be born drowned." 用泪所著之书 注定被泪水所淹没 "That's a great shame." 那真是太遗憾了 "Naturally, I wasn't your most objective reader." 当然 我不会是你最客观的读者 "but I thought the poems had real power." 但是我认为那些诗很有感染力 "Some of the mythic stuff was over the top," 诗里虚构的内容过多 "but I could see your..." 但我能感受到你的 "Our.." 我们的 "Stop right there!" 别说了! "What do you mean, 'mythic stuff'" “虚构的内容”你什么意思 "The mythic stuff was the whole fucking point." 虚构的内容才他妈的是整首诗的重点 "Well, for a start." 好吧 首先 "I'm not actually in thrall to the King of Death," 我实际上并不对死神之王 "or whoever he's meant to be" 或者他暗喻的人感兴趣 "Yes, you are. Don't you see?" 不 你应该感兴趣 难道你没读懂吗? "And you're totally Orpheus?" 那么你就是俄尔普斯 "Right" 没错 "And I'm...?" 那我是? "You're my wife, you're dead," 你是我的妻子 你已经死了 "and it's my business to bring you back to life," 想法子把你救活是我的责任 "which I very nearly succeed in doing." 而我差一点就成功了 "But you don't." 但你并没有成功 "No way. Because I like being dead." 那是不可能的 因为我喜欢当死人 "And that's where the metaphor, the analogy," 正因如此 那些暗喻 类比 "the whole preposterous contrivance falls apart." 整个荒谬的想法才会显得杂乱无章 七零八落 "So you loathed it." 如此说来 你不喜欢这诗 "I had my quibbles." 我有我的见解 "You loathed it." 你不喜欢这诗 "No." 我没有 "It's the little dark agile waitress," 是那位冷面忧郁 却手脚麻利 "the athlete-ballering with her deadpan demeanour." 面无表情 却有着运动员和芭蕾演员般优雅举止的女服务员 "who serves them both." 来给他们俩上菜 "refusal to smile explains her style." 不苟言笑是她的风格 "That and heavy black eyebrows." 还有她那浓密乌黑的眉毛 "Sea bass for the signore. Thank you." 黑鲈 给夫人上的 谢谢 "And for him." 这是给他的 "A wheel of gloop-smothered dough, singed at the rim." 则是圆形的烤面饼 边缘还烤焦了 "No swaps this time." 这次不用相互品尝了 "Conversation on hold," 谈话尚可继续 "the scuffle and clack of her cutlery" 可她用刀叉发出的声音 "send out signals not difficult to interpret." 不难传递出她此时的情绪 "But he smoothed." 但他慢慢缓和了 "by the ambient blah," 在这嘈杂的环境中 "the big white noise of a room that's full of anonymously feeding humans." 在这间充满不知名吃饭者发出巨大噪音的屋子里 他平静了下来 "Even the too-near table of boisterous boys contributes to its euphony," 甚至隔壁桌男孩们发出的喧哗听起来也很悦耳 "its equilibrium." 很和谐 "There is peace at the heart of the din," 在这喧闹之中有着平静 "concord in babel." 如同噪音中的和旋 "Then a kick on the shin" 突然小腿被踢了一脚 "This is ground control." 这是地面控制 "Can you hear me?" 你听得到我说话吗? "Loud and clear." 一清二楚 "I seem to have hurt your feelings." 我好像伤害到你的感情了 "Not at all." 没事 "I've had my feelings surgically removed." 我已经把我的感觉用外科手术移除了 "They can't be touched by anyone now." 任何人现在也不能触碰到了 "Oh, my dear." 噢,亲爱的 "He cannot not feel" 他不可能感觉不到 "her middle finger lightly and with calm, rotatory strokes" 她的中指在轻轻地温柔地旋转抚摸着 "massage behind his knuckles," 他的指关节后部 "then her thumb shove into his fist" 然后她的拇指钻进他的拳头里 "and nuzzle against his palm." 紧贴着他的掌心 "just what he doesn't want." 正是他现在不想要的 "the untimely stirring of what could become by not so slow degrees a major bonk." 这样不合适宜的挑逗会很快发展为激情碰撞 "Not now, please..." 拜托 现在不要

"It's like an old tired, foolishly friendly," 这好比一条年老疲惫 愚笨呆傻 "mostly forgotten dog" 几乎要被遗忘的狗 "that chosen an awkward moment to rouse" 在一个尴尬的时刻自我觉醒 "and shake itself from its basket and demand a romp." 拼命挣脱出篮子 去请求嬉耍喧闹一样 "Down, boy, down. Thank you, Robert Graves." 冷静 冷静 谢谢 罗伯特·格雷夫斯 "'Down,'I said." 我说了 冷静! "And he can't be sure if it's willpower" 他并不能确定这是发自内心的 "or the wine" 还是因为酒精 "but the dog relectantly behaves," 但是 这条狗不情愿的谨守着规矩 "retreating to its lonesome, malodorous nest" 回到了它自己寂寞恶臭的窝里 "for another long nap." 继续着它的长眠 "Good chap." 干得好 "Penny?" 彭妮? "Sorry?" 怎么了 "You thoughts." 说说你在想什么 "No. I wasn't thinking, exactly." 没 我没有想什么 "More probing a mental dimension beyond time and space." 我其实是在探索超越时空的精神维度 "Typical" 你就是这样 "You can't even pay attention for the few minutes we have." 你甚至都不能在我们仅有的这一小段时间里集中注意力 "I've come all this way," 我不顾一切 "dropped my family at not the most convenient moment," 在不合时宜的时间扔下家人 "hopped on the shuttle, taken the taxi ride from the hell," 跳上公共汽车 从那见鬼的地方坐出租车过来 "convinced at every traffic light I'd be late," 注意着每一盏红绿灯确保我不会迟到 "and here I am, all tuned up for our little reunion," 现在我在这儿了 为了我们的小小重聚精心准备 "only to find your physical," 却只能感到你的人在这儿 "guzzling, tippling self recognisably present," 狼吞虎咽 自斟自饮 "but your mind appears to have flitted off on holiday." 但是你的思绪就好像去度假了一样 "You're out to lunch at your own lunch." 你在你自己的午餐上还迷失了自己 "That's nicely put and no doubt true as well." 说的很好 也都是实话 "The sort of thing they used to say on my school report," 他们以前在我的学生成绩报告单里 "along with 'un-teachable' and 'half-witted'." 用“孺子不可教”和“朽木不可雕”来形容我 "Guzzling is unfair, though." 虽然狼吞虎咽的说法不太恰当 "I really can't manage the rest of this." 但其他的我都无法否认 "'Tippling', however..." 然而 酒这东西 "antidote to all life's ills." 一醉解千愁 "Are there so many?" 你喝多了吧 "Ha! Funny!" 哈 你在开玩笑! "I wasn't tring to be." 我并不想这样 "I suppose, in number, not many." 我觉得只喝了一点 并不太多 "That's reassuring." 这就安心多了 "Just one great, big drink to me only!" 我也就喝了一大杯而已 "Seems to help." 看起来有用 "I appear to have lost my appetite as well." 我似乎也没什么胃口了 "You'll leave a fish." 你剩下了一条鱼 "Half a fish" 半条鱼 "Sad waste." 浪费是可耻的 "Borrow a taste?" 要来尝尝? "Better not." 最好不要 "This hasn't gone quite as I expected." 这跟我预想的完全不一样 "How did you expect it to go?" 那你预想的是怎样的呢 "Oh, I don't know. More of the old...whatever we had." 噢 我不知道 更像以前我们过的那些 "which wasn't bad." 那样不错 "We did have fun." 我们曾经有过欢乐 "Didn't we?" 不是吗 "We did." 我们有过 "And no harm done." 对彼此没有伤害 "Till the King of Death arrived on the scene." 直到死神之王出场 "Or should I say 'the King of Prose'?" 或者我应该说 散文之王 "Or should you say nothing." 你还是什么也别说吧 "Have you finished?" 吃完了吗 "One minute" 再一会儿 "Yes, thank you. And I believe my friend has finished with his." 是的 谢谢 我相信我的朋友也吃完了 "Any desserts? Coffee?" 要甜点或者咖啡吗 "No, thank you." 不 谢谢 "Her no to both" 她替他做了主 "Dully he concurs, till an idea glows." 他默许了 直到一个想法突然闪现 "Glows and grows in the murk of his brain." 在他头脑的黑暗处闪现 并渐渐滋生 "Fine, fiery, feisty candle flame." 就如同那细小跳跃的蜡烛火苗 "But I think I could handle a little grappa" 但我想我还要点grappa酒 "Una grappina. Si, signore." 格拉巴酒 太太呢 "And away he zooms on waiter business, waiter among waiters," 他又去注视远处那些挤来挤去的服务员 "zapping and arabesquing from table to table like bees between blooms." 就像蜜蜂在花朵间采蜜一样在桌子间穿梭 "business and business." 真是忙得不可开交的 "Now, that busy waitress" 那个忙碌的女侍 "the bee ballerina - is she sting or is she sweetness?" 勤劳的芭蕾舞者 她究竟是尖如刺还是甜如蜜 "Nowhere to be seen." 看不出来 "Where are you this time?" 你这次又神游去哪了? "God, I'm sorry." 天啊 对不起 "Sorry indeed." 的确应该说对不起 "I hadn't expected you to have gone to seed with quite such abandon." 我没想到你如此放任自己 变得这么不修边幅 "Or is this some sort of..." 或者 这是某种 "cock-eyed performance you're putting on for my special benefit?" 你专门为我准备的扭曲的表演 "I think I need to think about that one." 这个让我想一想 "Right. Well, while you're doing that," 好吧 当你想的时候 "I'll tell you what I think." 我来告诉你我在想什么 "For which we need to go back to your poems." 让我们回顾一下你的诗歌 "It strikes me you don't understand them yourself." 你自己都看不懂这些诗让我颇受打击 "They're not about me." 他们与我无关 "I wasn't the kidnap victim." 我不是被绑架的受害者 "it was you who were snatched" 是你 是你被绑架了 "and carried away to some region of darkness" 被带向黑暗 "by...Oh, let's call her the Queen of the Fairies." 带走你的 噢 让我们叫她仙之女王 "Don't interrupt. I'm finding the words as I go." 别打岔 我正在斟酌我的语言 "but when I've stopped, we'll see if the theory's up to scrutiny." 等我停下来时 我们再来看看我的理论是否说得通 "Now, according to my logic," 照我的逻辑 "the Eurydice that you're trying to" 那个你试图 "rescue with your brace little song" 用你那勇敢的小诗来拯救的欧律狄克 "must be yourself, your inner self, your soul." 其实就是你自己 你的内心 你的灵魂 "but you've not been in touch with that in your entire life." 但你一生都与此无缘 "which puts you in a hole, strategically speaking." 坦率地说 这让你非常困扰 "And who was it dumped you there in the first place?" 而是谁在最初就把你遗弃了呢 "The kidnapper I was taking about," 就是我说的绑架者 "Whom I can now reveal to be the Lyric Muse," 也就是灵感女神 "who should left you alone" 真应该离你而去 "to work out your problems in some healthier fashion," 让你用更健康的方式来解决你的问题 "and not led you on, not made you confuse poetry with therapy," 而不是怂恿你 害的你用诗歌来自愈 "And who's also to blame for your present state of emotional arrest," 她也会指责你这种精神禁锢的状态 "infantile truculence and drunken flippancy." 指责你这个幼稚野蛮无理的酒鬼 "It's not just that you're stuck in the past. You're stuck in your poems." 你不仅沉溺于过去 而且沉溺在你自己的诗歌里 "which have their merits." 诗歌自有其优点 "They're nicely written, they're clever and so on." 他们字字玑珠 深奥隽永 "But they're misconceived, false, hollow, wrong" 但是它们过于虚幻夸张 "You should never have gone there." 你根本就不该沉溺于此的 "Yea, you did..that" 但你却沉溺了 "That's the catastrophe. That's the disaster." 那何止是不幸 简直是灾难 "You're going to having to repeat that." 你得再说一遍 "I want to write it down." 我想把它写下来 "especially the bit about flippulant...Yes..." 尤其是我轻率无礼的那部分 是的 "What? I'm perfectly serious." 怎么了 我完全是认真的 "The Oracle Eyes appear to have tears in them." 那贤者之眼似乎充溢着泪水 "But too pround to fall" 但骄傲阻止了它们的滑落 "Ever the escape artist, ever the clown." 永远的逃脱大师 永远的跳梁小丑 "Nip of grappa," 拿起格拉巴酒 "distillation of grape pips," 经蒸馏的葡萄籽的味道 "sits on the tongue a moment," 在此刻跃然舌尖 "transmitting warmth to the outer limbs," 酒的温情向四肢百骸扩散 "then slips to its doom." 而后一饮而尽 "No. I'm sure you're right." 不 我保证你是正确的 "My little book was a great big bag of shite," 我的诗就是一堆狗屎 "When I thought I was writing hymns to your sublime beauty and our lost love." 我原以为那是为你的端庄美丽以及我们逝去的爱情所写的赞美诗 "Thank you for your elucidation." 谢谢你的坦白 "Now, if you'll excuse me," 现在 请原谅我 "I need to find my way to the little girls." 我需要去找找女厕所 "sorry, not funny little boy's room." 抱歉 不开玩笑了 是男厕所 "The big noisy boys are getting up to leave," 这群嘈杂的男孩站起来准备离开 "So he chooses a round-about route," 所以他决定绕点远路 "taking care from a safe, but visible, distance" 他选择了一个安全却又能被看见的距离 "to throw them a killer glare." 远远抛给他们一个杀人般的眼神 "One of them catches it, baffled." 他们中的一个人看到了 感到很迷惑 "The gents' - he doesn't need the arrow." 男厕所 他不需要箭头指示就知道 "is along the passage" 是在沿着这条长廊 "and down some narrow steps that tip him in..." 在一些差点害他摔倒的台阶下面 "faster than calculated." 到的比预计的要快 "but he's made it" 但他做到了 "knows at once the old chemical fragrance," 那些陈旧的化学香味 "which only partially smothers" 以及那难以掩盖的小便的臭味 "the jabbing kidney reek that proclaims all men brothers. 刺鼻的尿骚味宣告着自古男人皆兄弟。 "And there's the familiar porcelain goblet with its ancient stains and crazed glaze. 让人宾至如归的瓷便池上带着长年的污迹和光面的裂纹。 "It is while he is standing watching his yellow strea***ither sluggishly away along the gully 他冷眼看着黄色的细流,从下水管缓慢地流走, "that he conceives his scheme. 忽然心生一个念头。 "To find the dark-browed waitress. 去找到那个浓眉的女侍者, "To find her and ask her to marry him. 找到她,向她求婚。 "Once out the door and up the short flight past the ladies', 走出去,飞过女洗手间, "then left again down the doorl胤ess corridor with, at the end, 然后远离无门的走廊,最后, "a longer flight to a windowed half-landing, view of brickwork and drainpipes. 飞过有窗的梯台,瓷砖和下水管。 "Turn about and aided by a shaky handrail up to the first floor. 转身,抓胤住摇晃的扶手上二层, "T胤wo doors, both rattled, both locked. 两扇门,都咯咯作响又紧闭不开。 "Then up, up, up by steeper steps and odder odours......to the very top. 那么上去,上去,上去,经过更陡的楼梯和更怪的臭气,……直达顶层。 "He sits. 他跌坐下去, "An erupting pigeon briefly interrupts. 只有一只鸽子扑扇着翅膀,

Otherwise, silence.

除此以外 万籁俱寂



"Now he can't decide whether to weep...or sleep


"He is woken up by somebody waking up inside him,


abruptly and roughly


"After some seconds' ugly tussle, he identifies his assailant...

几秒怪异的挣扎后 他确定他的攻击者...

"..as himself


"They reach an agreement -


encourage each other to consciousness and become one.

互相鼓励 恢复意识 合为一体

"What is he doing crouched on this high shelf?


"The brick view illuminates nothing,


"but a wheedling smell mixture of kitchen wafts and structural mildew -


helps him to recall.


······ Lunch! 午宴! Oh! Nicely judged lurches propel him down to the ground floor. 一步未空的蹒跚带他回到底层。 And a more stately progress, just once cannoning off the wall, 整点仪容,只要轰破城墙, brings him back to the restaurant, now almost deserted. 便可重回餐馆……可现在早已人去楼空。 That's his table over there. 那是他的桌子。 Unoccupied. less than an hour has passed, 空无一人。将近一个小时过去了, but he might have died and be returning as a ghost. 也许他已经死去了吧,回来的不过是个鬼魂。 The lady, she go. You no come back. 那位夫人,她走了。你一直没有回来。 No, no, no, no. She pay. 不,不,不,不。她付过钱了。 Airy hesitation. He tucks his wallet away. 轻快的犹疑。他把钱包放回原处。 Was...Was she angry? 她……她生气了吗? Big shrug. Big shake of head. Comical, big-mouthed grimace. 耸耸肩膀,歪歪头。可笑地咧起嘴。 Wouldn't care to say, same as enough said. 不说也就等于说了。 Look! They've looked after his shoulder bag. 看哪!他们保管着他的挎包呢。 Now he is saddled and ready to depart. 现在他鞍马齐全,可以离开了。 But first, a last goodbye to the old place. 但是首先,该对这老地方说声再见。 Nothing more empty than a room full of tables, laid...but without occupants. 没有什么比摆满了桌子的房间更空旷的了,摆满了……却没有客人。 No, wait. 不,等等。 There's someone seated by the window. 窗边还有一人独坐。 A very old man. 十分苍老的人。 Parchment face, sparse white hairs combed in strict parallels, 羊皮纸似的脸庞,稀稀落落的白发平整地梳起。 blind, staring eyes, black tie, black suit, 失明而呆滞的眼睛,黑色的领带,黑色的套装, rigid as a cadaver from some Sicilian catacomb. 像是西西里坟茔中的死尸。 Husk of life. Without sap, without savour. 空有皮囊。无血,无肉。 Nudge him, he'll crumble. 轻轻一推,便会烟消云散。 As he turns to go,the recognition... 他转身欲去,可一种恍然的知觉…… pierces him. 刺痛了他。 Massimo! 那是Massimo! -The End-

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