The Cliff of Escape:An exploration of a place and its magic 逃避之崖:探索一个地方及其魔力

Sylph of Wind 2017-08-13

Have you heard of the Cliff of Escape? Maybe there isn't such a place, or maybe it could be any place where dream and death meet.

Black Sand Beach, Vík, Iceland 冰岛 维克 黑沙滩

You stand at the verge of this cliff and look down at the bottom. There is a small piece of grass adjacent to the black-sand beach. You gaze into that greenness. The green is so thick that the color almost flows into your eyes; you feel as if you are lured by your vision into something like a dream. At time you have this fearfully strange hope, or almost a belief, that you have these wings that would carry your earthly flesh. You feel an urge to jump off the cliff and fly away with these wings; you want to break free, free from this world that traps and strangles you. So you jump, but you have no wings; the earth pulls you and you descend down to that piece of green. You feel that death is drawing near and that all is irrevocable, and then you feel nothing--all is settled in that realm of idealistic and eternal green.

June 4 2017


Sylph of Wind
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