The Love Is

e.e.Mk 2017-08-12

An emotional work. The working, doing something, making something, generating something, giving birth to something, makes you most happy, reasonable, valuable and respectable.

The work capability, need you to study from books, movies and stories, and need you to practice with one or more partners, is a set of skills and experiences.

The love's skills and making, which is the highest level of emotional feelings, are the people's wanted most.

Every one is looking for one or more partners, to fall in love, which means, start to practice the making something together, to enjoy the feeling, and to learn the skills.

Some ones stopped the love work at one or more making's failure. The working did not get successful. The reason, mostly was the weak of skills, was often ignored by the makers, which was fully falling in desire or hope for the highest level of feelings. They always liked to say, that they were in love some one, with a lot of desire or hope, even sadness, all of these were said as their heart.

But the love is a work. It might start at anytime, anywhere, with maybe anyone, after even a little working success, and stopped at an end of work, or at a failure.

The work, but not the desire, nor hope, nor sadness, makes the feeling. The work, makes the love.


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