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Randomly let others pay for ownself first

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somebody has money and credit card but still askes relative and friend to pay for herself's travel first under the excuse of the inconvenience . how do you think of that behavior ?

my elder sister in Japan is going to come to US next month to meet my mother. she feels it is waste of money if she sees mom only, so she wants to travel. this year she plans to go to Toronto of Canada with mother friend's daughter. when they applied to an overseas Chinese runs traveling agency, they were told to need to put 200 dollar down payment for each person .

they have much money, also have credit card, however, they reluctant to use their own card to pay. my elder sister and mom friend's daughter asked mom to write one check to the travelling agency as downpayment . mom did not want to do, and let me mail the check today . I adviced mom to tell them that they can pay credit card or debit card on the phone .

I usually type the price and payee in the checks by computer printing software, now my printer was broken, so it cannot print the checks out . if I help them, I also tell my credit card information on the phone. I told mom I could do for them, but I need a reason from them why they are unwilling to do. in the end mom secretly opened my drawer to try to look whether there was previous my old bank blank check , and finally found one check with my signature for ten years ago inside the corner of drawer and filled out the price of $400 and mailed out.

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Thursday , August 10, 2017


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