Homemade Delicacy

Hamburger 2017-08-11

It has been over four years since the first time I made this stuff. Today is my second time! It's a very popular local snack in my hometown-Shaanxi Province. To make this homemade delicacy, the key is to make the dough by hand. Firstly, mound the wheat flour in a vessel(bowl/basin), and make a well in the mound of flour. Then, add water to the mound of flour slowly and use a pair of chopsticks to mix continuously/constantly. Make sure that add water in a very slow manner because the flour will get quite sticky or fluid if too much water is added. There is no specific water-flour ratio given as we do laboratory test. It might be a bit awkward to say we control water-flour ratio by sense/experience, but it's really the way I do it! Mix the flour with water until it develops gluten structure and the flour is fully incorporated in the mixture(almost no dry flour powder residue) and is too thick to mix with chopsticks, it's time to knead by hand. Kneading the dough creates the gluten structure that makes it pliable. Kneading by hand is fun-it connects you to the process. Knead the dough by hand until it is smooth, firm and dry. If the dough feels sticky, dust the dough with flour and knead until smooth and firm. The dough is ready to be shaped when you can set the dough on a clean countertop/tabletop without sticking it. Well, it's better to wrap the dough in plastic to let it sit at room temperature for several minutes to give the gluten a chance to relax. This step will increase the workability of the dough-keep it from shrinking and snapping back. Okay, the dough is relaxed! It's time to portion the dough into slice. Roll a dough slice into a stick shape and pinch a bit/piece to rub it to a cat's ear shape. When U work on a slice/portion of dough, make sure that keep remainder wrapped in plastic to avoid it from drying out. In the end, in the whole process of making this delicacy, making and kneading the dough involves the most "technical skill/difficulty", while rubbing the dough bits into small cat's ear shaped noodle pieces is really time-consuming. Well, it will be a decent workout Coz U will be rewarded with a tasty delicacy for your labouring!


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