What I've done

假行僧 2017-08-11

We might never face each other

None even a glance

The only reason she came up to me is for comfort

She's been through a few blue days

She felt sad for the doggies on the streets seeking out for food

She would pay all the flowers for a little girl's begging

She said it's been a long time since she received a gift last time

I know it is going to an end when she said sorry......

We might never get closer to each other

Time prove it

The only reason I came up to her is for sex

She tried again and again

She can stay up for me to the midnight

She cooks so nice soup to satisfy me

She always ask for a dating like lovers do

I know it is going to an end when she said love......

We enjoy the time we spent together

Every moment of it

The only reason she never get tired is for understanding and staying real

She could stand alone

She caught me just in a second with a blink

She never ask for the details

She wishes she could be somewhere in my heart for a while

She put a finger on my lips when I am trying to compliment her......

"Loving can hurt

Loving can hurt sometimes

Loving can heal

Loving can mend your soul

It's the only thing that I've known

And it's the only thing makes us feel alive"


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