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lance0424 2017-08-11

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China and India are facing off at the dispute border between China and Bhutan. China military does not dare to have a war, but does not want to lose face, and has been looking for the excuse of stepping down or withdrawing the troops . the strong earthquake 7.0 magnitude happened in Sichuan province, and 6.6 magnitude happened in the other area Xinjiang Uygher autonomous region . they will have good reason and good excuse to give up fighting. in addition, it will be also more impossible for China to launch a war with India.

in the video, shanghai TV news said, "somebody issued rumor that China is withdrawing all overseas Chinese in India, and the rumor issuer has been detained. this really showed China is not willing to have a war, and worried it would be misunderstood it would launch a war with India .

some countries in the world that have interest conflict with China, for example, Vietnam, Philippine, India, Taiwan and Japan, should use the chance under the name of humanitarian Aid to deal with China to get your actual interest, not diverted only your attention into China's earthquake .

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Wednesday , August 9, 2017


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