Academic Writing Task 1 Words and Expressions

Fisher 2017-08-11

Words and expressions often used in Writing task 1 of IELTS Academic test.

Increment - one of the series of increases eg. The increment is slightly larger in Finland than the US.

Enormous - "Large" Enormous number of people

Figure - Numbers The figures for sales in the first quarter droped dramatically due to the earthquake.

Accross - Accross these five years, ten years, decades

grow The number grew from 20% to 45%. The growth of percentage is steady.

respectively With 14% and 19% respectively, is that people need to carry things to work and that it is safer than cycling to work

range Deforestation ranged No.1 in the major causes of farmland degradation.

rise-rose-risen The number of killed in action American soldiers in Iraq rose sharply in march.

Drop Dramatically the number of document misplacements dropped dramatically since the new filing system is in place.

similar pattern the trends of SO2 and smoke emission forms a similar pattern.

Peak The population of XXX island peaks at 14 million by the end of 2014.

Fluctuate; Fluctuating; Fluctuation the number of unemployment in NZ fluctuates over the years. Over the next two hundred years the levels of sulphur dioxide continued to increase, although there was some fluctuation in this trend.

Constitute - becoming a part of sth Indians and Philipians constitute 25% of the population

Due to - because of

account for Other causes accounted for only 2% collectively.

Minimal The risk of XXXX is kept minimal.

overall percentage



to a lesser/greater extend

equal (roughly equal to)

slightly ahead/behind

reveal Revealing the pattern of sales...

surpass - overtake

strikingly higher; noticable; remarkable; largely; surprisingly

million = 10^6, billion=10^9, Trillion=10^12

steady growth, steadily grow

by contrast; in contrast to

converse; conversely In China, you drive on the right-hand side of the road, but in New Zealand the converse applied.

majority (vast majority)


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