Today is the weather of milk and lemon

赤腳的青葡萄 2017-08-10

I like milk and lemon.My new roommate's natural name is Lemon at HooSon School.And today night,she help move the table to a good location in the room.Thank you.

Just now,I thought of a thing.My college club.I worked hard there.The college club is precious to me.That effort is hard and beautiful.I miss that time.For the first time,I appointed to speak English together in my dormitory and my roommate.

Why did I suddenly want to learn English?That's lucky.I met new friends and they came form New Zealand.I was talking to foreigners for the first time.I think it takes effort to learn.Settle down.Don't worry.Slowly build up,only real progress.

In the future,I want to travel abroad.Because I want to look at the bigger world.I want stick to do something.And develop a habit.It takes constant effort.Keep a diary in English every day.Reading English books,take English classes and talk with my friends in English everyday.

I want to be a beeter person,always to grow up and to love life.The people of this world grow up and become better.

That's all,Today.Have a good night.Have a good dream.


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