A rush day

eudaemonia 2017-08-10

I'm on a business trip to Shanghai today. Many lessons are taught to me by life. In the morning, I call a didi car but the location is accidentally wrong. It takes the driver 30 minutes to find me and thus I'm late for work. I pay the penalty but what hurts most is the shameful feeling of been late and latter-wit that I could have avoided the abashed situation.

In the morning,I prepare the meeting documents and calculate enough time to get to the railway station but out of my expectation, when I'm on the underground reading the documents that will be presented at the meeting. I look up at the route map suddenly find that I miss the stop and get off the subway immediately but only to find I'm wrong. I look at the map in the opposite direction. Because of this mistake, I have to alter tickets. What's worse, when I finally arrive at Shanghai, I open the baidu map to reconfirm which subway I should take and startly find that I get off at the Kunshan Railway Station. How terrible it is that I will be late for the meeting. Again I feel abashed and blame myself for carelessness. At the same time, I send a message to tell my colleagues that I will be late than suddenly find it's the Shanghai station and the map is wrong. Finally, I arrive at the meeting in time and give an acceptable presentation, just acceptable not excellent. From this, l learned that I need to practise speech skills and perhaps try to record your voice is a good try.

In the afternoon, I feel quite frustrated and want to get rid of the bad mood. So when the meeting is finished I go to the Bund for pleasure and go sightseeing in the peace hotel. It's vintage and exquisite, more spectacular than other 5 star hotels I ever visited. A really beautiful a creation, a masterpiece. Then I go to the People's Park, it's only a very common park. Moreover, I try drikold ice-cream by which I'm pleasantly surprised.

The most pity thing about the trip is that I go there alone without a photographer but when I finish the tour and post the pictures in my circle of friends. Sadly I know one of my photographers is in Shanghai alone too. What a coincidence, but I have no idea in advance. So I have no satisfying portraiture in Shanghai.

In any case, please have a sense of punctuality and don't be late ever again.


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