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One of the consequences of the global village is that a considerable
number of Japanese people are well-informed fans of the novels of the
British author Tolkien. A second is that it is commercially important to
release foreign language versions of blockbuster films as quickly as
possible. Athird is that ordinary cinema-goers can reach huge numbers of
others to exchange ideas and voice their criticisms via the very democratic
medium of the Internet and thus, ultimately, exert considerable pressure on
the film industry. So it came to pass that the The Lord of the Rings distributors
in Japan allotted only one week to a leading subtitler to prepare a Japanese
version. Expert fans were horrified by some of her translation decisions,
which revealed a lack of familiarity with both the original and translated
versions of the literary works on which the film was based. Using the
Internet, fans exchanged criticisms and alternative suggestions and built
up a strong lobby for better quality screen translation. Apetition with 1300
signatures was sent to the film distributor and ultimately to Peter Jackson,
the director. The result has been that the film industry has learnt the lesson
that more time plus expert subject knowledge input is necessary for some
cult films to pass muster, when subtitled, in these days of globalisation
(O’Hagan, 2003).
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