BBC广播剧:Mansfield Park (Narrated by Felicity Jones, David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch)

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2014年5月为纪念简奥斯汀的这部小说诞辰的200周年,BBC Radio 4重播了于2003年录制的广播剧《曼斯菲尔德庄园》,并在亚马逊推出了Audio CD

Fanny由Felicity Jones配音,Felicity曾出演《万物理论》,《看不见的女人》,《诺桑觉寺》的女主角。Tom和Edmund兄弟则分别由David TennantBenedict Cumberbatch配音。

没有想到DT和BC仅有的一次合作是奥斯汀广播剧……后来Billie Piper也接了一部Mansfield Park 并且主演Fanny,里面也是一票的DW熟人。于是听这部广播剧,每听到Fanny和Tom的对话都有强烈的脑补画面,可惜没让DT演Edmund。另,FJ和BC纷纷被提名为2015年奥斯卡最佳女主和最佳男主,虽然不知最后得奖概率有多大,不过今年奥斯卡的British invasion的趋势已经很明显了。

FJ和BP 于ITV奥斯汀剧女主-Radio times合影
FJ和BP 于ITV奥斯汀剧女主-Radio times合影

BC和FJ 于模仿游戏和万物理论的卡司合影
BC和FJ 于模仿游戏和万物理论的卡司合影

DT和FJ 于神秘博士第四季阿加莎谜案
DT和FJ 于神秘博士第四季阿加莎谜案

BC和DT 于某颁奖礼
BC和DT 于某颁奖礼

呼应群众要求的DT和BP 于DW拍摄现场
呼应群众要求的DT和BP 于DW拍摄现场

Mansfield Park

Produced by
BBC Radio 4

Written by
Jane Austin

Narrated by
Fanny Price - Felicity Jones
Tom Bertram - David Tennant
Edmund Bertram - Benedict Cumberbatch

Episode one (12/5/14) - MP3
On a quest to find a position in society young Fanny Price goes to live with her rich aunt and uncle.

Episode two (13/5/14) - MP3
Fanny Price has to deal with some new neighbours from London.
David does not feature in this episode.

Episode three (14/5/14) - MP3
Fanny Price's trip to Mr Rushworth's estate has unforeseen consequences for the whole party.
David does not feature in this episode.

Episode four (15/5/14) - MP3
Amateur dramatics give Fanny Price cause for consternation.

Episode five (16/5/14) - MP3
Sir Thomas returns to Mansfield Park to find the house in disarray.

Episode six (19/5/14) - MP3
A ball is held at Mansfield Park in honour of Fanny and her brother William.
David does not feature in this episode.

Episode seven (20/5/14) - MP3
Henry Crawford is determined to win Fanny's heart and hand.
David does not feature in this episode.

Episode eight (21/5/14) - MP3
Sir Thomas is determined Fanny will see the error of her ways in rejecting Henry Crawford.
David does not feature in this episode.

Episode nine (22/5/14) - MP3
Fanny's stay with family in Portsmouth is not the happy occasion she might have been expecting.
David does not feature in this episode
This episode ends abruptly.

Episode ten (23/5/14) - MP3
Fanny returns to Mansfield Park to claim her rightful place in the household.

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