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How would you describe this film in a snapshot for someone who may not know anything about it?
To me, DETACHMENT is a story about a man who is lost and in pain and tries to hide from the real problems of his existence by losing himself in the morals of the voices in his head, the real ones, the voices of god and the voices of the devil. He is constantly running away from facing the truth. He is covered by a huge black curtain that he cannot see. This curtain is his ego.

对我来说,《超脱》讲述的是一个男人的故事。这个男人迷失了自我 沉浸在痛苦之中。他试图将自己的潜意识抛进道德的漩涡中,去隐瞒那些真实存在于他生命中的烦恼,那些混沌是真实的,既邪恶又神圣。他从未停止过回避已发生的事实。他被无形的巨大黑色帘布所包裹,这块帘布正是他的自我意识。

What about the material and screenplay made you want to direct this film?

I am interested in social issues. DETACHMENT stands against and explores education. AMERICAN HISTORY X is a movie about the issue of racism. LAKE OF FIRE deals with abortion. I like big moral and social issues. I have a fourth movie called BLACK WATER TRANSIT which is still unfinished; however, that movie is about environment, environment being everything. I want to make movies that do more than entertain. DETACHMENT is about family also, the importance of family, that family is everything. DETACHMENT is about being a parent; Henry Barthes begins to find his way when he decides to embrace a future that involves the caring of a young lost soul, Erica.
我一向很喜欢研究社会问题。《超脱》这部作品对教育进行批判的同时也在对教育进行探究。《美国X档案》讨论的是种族问题,《地狱之火》是有关堕胎权的电影,所以老子就是很喜欢屌了个爆的道德伦理社会问题。老子的第四部尚未完成的电影叫《黑水过境》【这是我自己瞎翻译的】,是有关环境的,环境你懂吗,环境意味着一切。我所拍摄的电影是超出愉悦身心的存在。《超脱》也涉及了家庭问题,(完整的)家庭的重要性,家庭才是一切。《超脱》包含了如何扮演一位家长的角色;当Henry Barthes(男主角)决定展望未来并在关怀Erica,这个同样丧失了灵魂归处的女孩时,他逐渐的找回了自我。

Elaborate a bit on your approach to making the film as it has a very distinctive and stylized look.

I don’t consider my work to be stylized, however most people do think my moviemaking does have a distinct look. I try to just make things look real. I try to make situations have spectacle and truth. I try to capture emotions that are real. I hate acting. I hate things that don’t seem authentic. People cry, people get angry, people whisper, people love and people hate. I simply try to put a microscope and a telescope and a radar logic scope to explore the mental and moral qualities distinctive to the individuals that stand before the camera and microphone.


The film features an ensemble cast comprised of both household names and newcomers. How did you cast the film?

The casting of the movie began with the casting of Erica. The runaway teenage hooker was the central pin for me in the story, she was the first brick in the wall, although my own daughter Betty had always been in my mind [for 3 years actually] to play Meredith.


Betty is nothing like Meredith in real life, she is very confident and very strong and ultra-determined to succeed in life, but she has had a tough life, I walked out on my family when she was very young.


I was very selfish and filled with much ego, Betty was 5 years old and took it very badly, Ruby her sister was 2 and did not really get affected by my actions. Betty suffered much pain and I believe really brings that to the surface in her performance as Meredith.


I never really knew if I would be allowed to cast my daughter as one of the leads because I would be accused of nepotism or such, and I was quite prepared not cast her if I found somebody better [and would have risked her not talking to me for years], but the truth is she absolutely smoked the audition and she was way, way, way the best for the role, her acting was so damn real, I cry almost every time see the movie through. However, as I said, Erica was the cornerstone of the picture because she was a character who connected with Henry, was a part of Henry. Meredith was not, Henry did not connect with Meredith, in a way Henry did not really care about Meredith.

我真的不敢想象,如果我把自己的亲生女儿带来剧组作为主要演员之一。因为,这会遭到一些非议,例如任人唯亲之类的。正因如此,老子做了万全的准备去找一个比我女儿更适合的人选【这么多的危险就是:她将N多年不和我说一句话】。但是,事实证明老子女儿的试镜把其他候选都爆出了屎,她才是最适合这个角色的人选,无人能及。她的演出真是太tmd逼了个真了!以至于老子每次审片儿都要泪流不止。不过,正如我所说,Erica才是这部电影的“詹姆斯”,是整部作品的基石。因为,她不但是与Henry形成共鸣的角色,她更是Henry的一部分。 Meredith不是,她没有和Henry产生共鸣,某种程度上来说Henry并不在乎Meredith。PS:这也是Meredith自杀的诱因之一

I also have this notion of types, contrasting types, dark against light, controlled neurons against out of control neurons, black hair against brown hair or blonde hair. Sami Gayle [who plays Erica] had brown hair which to me implies an outward going nature, an out-of-control zone [or that's what I thought she could easily play], so I looked for a Henry Barthes with black hair, an in-control, a calm, contained person. I found that perfectly in Adrien Brody. So I got him to run away from that. I got him to shout and scream and throw chairs around, I got him to break down and come back to being calm in the end, to be centered and in control, to becoming a parent. That was the arc of the character, the story of DETACHMENT, Meredith took him to hell and back, that was my paradigm.

我拥有这种对比形式的理念,明与暗、受控制的神经细胞与无拘束的神经细胞、黑发与棕发或者金发的对比。Sami Gayle【Erica的扮演者】的一头棕发给我的暗示是她拥有着外向豪放的性格,一个不收管制的内心区域【或者说,这是我觉得她可以胜任这个角色的原因】。所以咧,我要找一个与她完全相反的Henry,黑发,足够自律,冷静,有内涵的人。然后,我发现在没有比Adrien Brody更合适的人选了。于是,我让他学会如何逃避,咆哮,摔东西,精神崩溃,并最终冷静下来回归自我,成为一名家长【可能引申为:家庭中的一员】。这就是角色如何被饰演的,《超脱》这个故事中,Meredith把Henry拖往地狱又把他归还人间,这就是我的思路。

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