Kenny's Not Dead

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Battle Cattle / 摇滚 / 2011-12-09


Alex: Guitar, vocals
Franck: Drums
Laurent: Bass, vocals
"Warm-up" vocals by Kenny recorded in a Japanese restaurant on Nanjing lu
Recorded at Psychic Kong and mixed by Yang Haisong
"Mastered" by Laurent
上海有时会让你失望,那么为什么不来点音乐?不管怎么说,在这里组成一个乐队很简单,抓起你的吉它然后闯进你能找到的最近的一个酒吧。对,这就是嫩嫩&老老!他们认为,是时候该给别人一点shitty music,更快,更响,更…更傻?没错,更傻。
受到post-punk, ska或是rap的影响,他们是带着充满能量、热情摇滚的男孩。
Shanghai can be very boring. So why not create a band, grab a guitar and head to the first live bar you can find? This is exactly what we decided to do; we felt the time had come for us to give back some shitty music to others.
Influenced by post-punk, ska, rap or whatever, we are playing energetic pop post-skunkish rock.

Kenny's Not Dead的曲目列表

1. warm-up
2. battle cattle
3. modern mother
4. joy of immigration
5. killed in two times
6. nightclub
7. ray
8. eighties
9. bank
10. got new rule
11. three faces
12. ripped
13. hairdresser's car
14. breach

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