9.0 78人评价

Wussy / 摇滚 / 2011-10-29


The first Wussy album in which louder, heavier tub thumper Joe Klug replaces Mo Tucker fan Dawn Burman is also the first he co-produced. There's more distortion, less naturalism; Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walker yowl more, as when Chuck's aging head voice rises to the challenge of Mark Messerly's organ on "Pulverized." These alienation effects help define a rock that generalizes the connubial agony at the band's core, and if this is alienating for those of us who love them as well, it's also comforting, because it distances us from real-life couple Chuck and Lisa's real lives. I'd as soon assume the co-written "Fly Fly Fly" was inspired by a dumb young couple they know. I'm glad "Pizza King"'s tale of permanently adolescent disarray takes place in Indiana, not Ohio. And it's fine with me that "Asteroids" is so spacey--it means the heart "floating in the frozen void" might be metaphorical. A


1 Asteroid 3:19
2 Pulverized 2:56
3 Waiting Room 4:12
4 Chicken 3:17
5 Grand Champion Steer 3:35
6 Magnolia 3:28
7 Fly, Fly, Fly 2:33
8 Mountain of Tires 3:34
9 Pizza King 4:06
10 Wrist Rocket 4:59
11 Little Miami 6:00






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