Dun U Dare

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方皓玟 / 流行 / 2011-11-30


After the hits compilation album released in April 2011, Charmaine Fong returns at the end of the year with a brand-new 3-inch CD named Dun U Dare. The stylish Hong Kong singer-songwriter has written and composed three new songs for the limited edition CD single, including her latest plug Lady Copy which couples a groovy melody with lyrics asking people to learn to appreciate oneself. In 666 (featuring rapper MastaMic) she encourages victims of domestic violence to start a new life, while To Haters is the outspoken musician's message to her detractors.

Dun U Dare的曲目列表

01. Lady Copy
02. 666 (方皓玟featuring Mastamic)
03. To Haters (方皓玟featuring伟@Rubberband on Double Bass)


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