After (Remixes)

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Moby / 电子 / 2011-10-17


Moby’s new single After has been remixed by two of the rising stars of the EDM scene. The first remix was done by Tim Mason, the progressive genius behind The Moment and the prodigy from Size Records. Mason has an inimitable ability to turn durgy boring house tunes into progressive bangers which he has already done on Open Your Eyes, Where Dem Girls At and Solid Ground. Tommy Trash has also remixed the single making it into a trademark electro house banger with his warped signature sound with a sick hook and greasy bassline. Both of these remixes are well worth checking out.

After (Remixes)的曲目列表

01 After (Tommy Trash Remix)
02 After (Tim Mason Remix)
03 After (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)
04 After (The Loops Of Fury Remix)
05 After (Finyl Tweek Remix)
06 After (John Lord Fonda Remix)

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