New Catastrophic Stories

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Frankenstyle / 摇滚 / 2011-09-08


Martin Liter King-guitar,vocals
Sick Zhong-bass,vocals
Alex Sator-drums,vocals
All Songs Written by Frankenstyle EXCEPT the shocks**punkrock traditional with weaner geschrei !
Produced & Mixed by Martin Liter King
Artwork by Sick Zhong,Nabulea
Recorded at :The Secret Room Over Arena Beisl,Vienna,Austria
Website & Booking:
Album Release:WUHAN PRISON RECORDS (P.R China)

New Catastrophic Stories的曲目列表

1.Deep Dark Desire
2.Dreams and Dents
3.Social Destruct
4.New Stories Of My Diary
5.Leopard Minirock *
6.Mind The Gap
7.I Wanna Romanticise Your Mom
8.Go For The Throat
9.Trip To Nowhere
10.Koepah **
13.My Baby Hates The Way I dress(Live)-Bonus
14.New Years Day(Live)-Bonus
15.15.Another Shot Of Whisky (Live)-Bonus
16.She's Running(Live)-Bonus

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