Talk to Her

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Fullmember / 说唱 / 2011


Here's introduce the fifth Album by respectable hip hop group Fullmember from west side of Tokyo.They are one of important group of Japanese underground Hip Hop scene with DJ Mitsu the Beats and grooveman Spot.
Jazzy Sport has supported the 7inch releases from DJ Juco from the group.His tracks are based on deeeply love and influences from black roots music Jazz,Soul.Disco,Reaggae, we really happy to introduce the group's album with exclusive instrumental version for world wide.
This is quite limited pressing .Don't miss this!!

Talk to Her的曲目列表

1. Talk to Her
2. You Know?
3. Highway Oasis
4. The View of WISESENSEI-Instrumental-
1. Out of Scheme feat.????
2. Career High
3. S.T.O.R.M.Y. feat. GOUKI
4. bonus beat

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