Original Delaney & Bonnie: Accept No Substitute

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Delaney & Bonnie / 摇滚 / 2002-09-10


1969 record, steeped in the Stax soul sound, the duo's recordings set the scene for the gospel-tinged, southern rock sound that became so popular in the 70s. Includes 'Get Ourselves Together', 'Someday', 'Ghetto', 'When The Battle Is Over', 'Dirty Old Man', 'Love Me A Little Bit Longer', 'I Can't Take It Much Longer', 'Do Right Woman', 'Soldiers Of The Cross' and 'Gift Of Love. Collectors' Choice. 2002.

Original Delaney & Bonnie: Accept No Substitute的曲目列表

1.Get Ourselves Together
4.When the Battle Is Over
5.Dirty Old Man
6.Love Me a Little Bit Longer
7.I Can't Take It Much Longer
8.Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
9.Soldiers of the Cross
10.Gift of Love

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