Dead Son Rising

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Gary Numan / 摇滚 / 2011-09-12


Gary Numan's Dead Son grew out of a set of demos the singer had left from previous projects, but as he explains: ‘The original ideas that sparked off these songs are now barely visible. It’s grown into another animal, something more experimental.’
Produced and co-written by Ade Fenton (Numan’s collaborator on 2006’s Jagged), the material ranges from the Heavily anthemic ‘The Fall’ (written about ‘an old friendship gone bad’) to the Arabic and ghostly ‘We Are The Lost’ And one of the standout moments, the brooding ‘Dead Sun Rising’. The latter both contain elements from a sci-fi fantasy story Numan has been writing over the last few years. Meanwhile, troubled relationships are explored on ‘For The Rest Of My Life’ and 'Not The Love We Dream Of’, and there’s also room for two instrumentals (‘Resurrection’ and ‘Into Battle’), showcasing some of the ‘soundtrack-type’ material that Numan and Fenton have been working on recently. It all adds up to one of Numan’s most atmospheric albums – one for those who loved his B-side experiments in the past but also containing some very direct, streamlined electronic rock in the likes of ‘Big Noise Transmission’, ‘The Fall’ and ‘When The Sky Bleeds, He Will Come’.

Dead Son Rising的曲目列表

Resurrection" (Instrumental)
Big Noise Transmission
Dead Sun Rising
When The Sky Bleeds, He Will Come
For The Rest Of My Life
Not The Love We Dream Of
The Fall
We Are The Lost
For The Rest Of My Life (Reprise)
Into Battle" (Instrumental)
Not The Love We Dream Of (Piano Version)

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