Total Inversion


Ibex Throne / 2006


Ibex throne has unleashed the next round of artillery and warfare aimed at allreligion and humanity. The future is lost, humanity is worthless, herald the end of existence and obtain this piece of black hatred. 8 new songs of blasphemous, Black Metal is Warfare, Not Music!!!

Total Inversion的曲目列表

1. Humanity Is Worthless 05:20
2. Crucified Whores (Of the White Light) 06:46
3. Insidious Wrath 06:57
4. I Fucking Kill 06:19
5. Regression to Darkness 05:59
6. Raped Imbrued Christians 06:53
7. The Throes of Battlelust 06:40
8. Ritual of Cursed Bloodlines 10:16
Total playing time 53:10

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