In The Glare Of Burning Churches

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Graveland / 摇滚 / 1996


All Material was recorded in Isengard Studio the Year '93.
This CD include stuff for demo '93 and EP 7" Graveland, stuff inspired by great events that took place in Norway in that times, inspired by events that were the beginning of big movement againts christianity. All these events took place three years ago. During these three years many things changed. Now there are only few people who are faithful to true ideas of Black Metal. I dedicate this CD to these few.
Although we will have power of only thousand swords we will hoist a victory flag on vatican basilice!.
Matrix Number: NC 009 P+O-30036-A1 08-96
Other (Mastering SID Code): IFPI L961

In The Glare Of Burning Churches的曲目列表

1 Intro/In The Glare Of Burning Churches 5:12
2 The Night Of Fullmoon 5:03
3 The Dark Dusk Abyss 2:20
4 Through The Occult Veil 4:04
5 For Pagan And Heretic's Blood 2:44
6 Instrumental 3:33
7 Hordes Of Empire 4:14
8 The Gates To The Kingdom Of Darkness/Outro 6:17

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