Jazz Meditation 3 : The Final Installment

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DJ Ezasscul / 2011-7-10


Brooklyn, NYC’s own jazzy hip-hop producer, and Japan import favorite, DJ Ezasscul releases his final installment of his Jazz Meditation series entitled, “Jazz Meditation 3 : The Final Installment”.

Jazz Meditation 3 : The Final Installment的曲目列表

Hi (Yenny Love) (feat Ghostra Nostra)
One Take
Static (RIP Dwayne McDuffie)
Phantasm (feat 2mo'key - cuts by DJ Yasu)
As Time Goes By (feat Ghostra Nostra)
EZ Does It (feat Sonin - cuts by Abstrakt Idea)
Depart At 5:45
The Meditation (Relax)
EZ Does It (instrumental)
As Time Goes By (instrumental)
Hi (Yenny Love) (instrumental)
Lightly Heavy (cuts by DJ 2najz)
Live Life & Love
Take It EZ (feat Supreme Sol - Cuts by Abstrakt Idea)
Acrylics (bonus track)
Eternal Peace (Nujabes Tribute - feat DJ Sorama - part 2)
Take It EZ (instrumental)

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