Secret Rituals

7.6 70人评价

The Grates / 摇滚 / 2011-06-28


The Grates spent the better part of two years immersing themselves in Brooklyn culture and taking a bite of the Big Apple. It's fitting that their new album "Secret Rituals" should take on a few traits of the city that never sleeps. Tough in its intent and infectious in its delivery, their third album holds the promise of drawing an army of new fans to their beck and call. First single 'Turn Me On' is a statement of intent. Sassy, sexy and bold, 'Turn Me On' sheds The Grates' inhibitions. Incorporating bass, layered keyboards and electronic touches the single is adventurous in its musicality. Having captured hearts with their critically-lauded, internationally-received albums "Gravity Won't Get You High" and "Teeth Lost, Hearts Won", The Grates have a slew of accolades under their belts. Now they return with a fresh new sound, line up and attitude.

Secret Rituals的曲目列表

1. Turn Me On
2. Sweet Dreams
3. Like You Could Have It All
4. Change
5. Crying All Night
6. Welcome To The Middle
7. The Night Won't Start Without Us
8. Young Pricks
9. Borrowed Skin
10. With You
11. Moving On

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