The Future Is Medieval

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Kaiser Chiefs / 电子 / 2011-04-15


2011 release, the fourth album from the Britpopsters. The Future Is Medieval is the follow up to 2008's Off With Their Heads, their third album in a frantic three years which saw them sell over six million albums, win countless awards including three Brits and tour the world non-stop. After its' release the band took time out to take stock and work out their next move and following a well-deserved break (and inspiration gained from a holiday frontman Ricky Wilson took with friends), they regrouped and started writing. They built their own studio in the basement of their management offices in London's Shoreditch and work started on the new record. With countless songs in the bag, they worked with producers Tony Visconti, Ethan Johns and Owen Morris as well as trying their hand at producing their own tracks with drummer/songwriter, Nick Hodgson at the controls.

The Future Is Medieval的曲目列表

01 – Back In December
02 – Can’t Mind My Own Business
03 – Child Of The Jago
04 – Coming Up For Air
05 – Cousin In The Bronx
06 – Dead Or In Serious Trouble
07 – Fly On The Wall
08 – Heard It Break
09 – I Dare You
10 – If You Will Have Me
11 – Little Shocks
12 – Long Way From Celebrating
13 – Man On Mars
14 – My Place Is Here
15 – Out Of Focus
16 – Problem Solved
17 – Saying Something
18 – Starts With Nothing
19 – Things Change
20 – When All Is Quiet

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