Warhorns Of Midgard

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Nothgard / 摇滚 / 2011-04-01


Nothgard was founded in 2008 by Dom and Toni. After a few months of jam sessions, they started to work on their own songs. Of course there was an indispensable need for a bassist and rhythm guitar. Viktor joined the band as man responsible for the pressure. Isochronicly with Chris (rhythm guitar), Lena became member of the band, giving the songs a symphonic touch by playing the keys.
So their collective Ideas let develop varied songs with lots of good influences. The last need was a band name, which was found in “Nordavind” for the present. Finally the band was more or less ready to start with rehearsals. Soon the first gig came ahead in a local biker-hall what was a good chance to demonstrate the new written stuff and get feedback in any way. Unfortunately dissensions between the members caused an egress of Chris and Lena of “Nordavind”. But that was no reason to put the project on ice. The time gained was used for working on the first three demo songs “Rise “After Falling”, “Sword Of Xanten” and “Funeral March”, which was released via MySpace in September 2009. After nights out drinking, a new Keyboarder was found in Rosh. Daniel became the new rhythm guitarist. Now a new band name was essential. Furthermore nights came across spent with thinking about a new name. Eventually and fortunately it was found in “Nothgard”.
In 2010 the band stared with some Gigs in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republik. Very special gig was the Metalfest Open Air, where Nothgard played in front of very improved and interested fans! In June the guys signed a label and booking contract with Black Bards Entertainment and at this time they work on a debut album, which will be released worldwide in winter of 2010/2011.

Warhorns Of Midgard的曲目列表

01. Lex Talionis
02. Arminius
03. Under the Serpent Sign
04. Einherjer
05. Shadows Arise
06. Blackened Sky
07. Victory
08. Warhorns of Midgard
09. Spirit
10. Ancient Heritage - Modern Warriors
11. Rise After Falling
12. Ragnarök

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