Death Cultures


Premature Ejaculation / 1987


Self released cassette by Rozz Williams and Chuck Collison on their label, The Happiest Place On Earth. Issued in a numbered, limited edition with photocopied inserts.
From the liner notes:
"We just want you to see things as clearly as possible."
To receive the intended effect, adjust frequency bands at 1 khz and 400 hz. Increase volume for the remainder of program two.

Death Cultures的曲目列表

A1 Chicken Coup
A2 Frightened
A3 Control This/Metrazol
A4 Poison
A5 Somebody Do Something
A6 Amoked
B1 Visitation
B2 Prugelknaben
B3 Pig Face Show And Tell
B4 Blue Honey
B5 The Pain Is Severe
B6 Strong Arm Tactics

Death Cultures的短评(1)

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