Beats & Bruises

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Miss Li / 电子 / 2011-03-16


The amazing story is well known, but bears repeating: Miss Li debuted in November 2006 and within one year released three blockbuster albums and a Best of -compilation including 8 unique tracks. In the same period, she recorded an immortal duet with Lars Winnerbäck. Then followed intense and successful touring in 14 countries, including an appearance on "Allsång på Skansen", until it was time for album number four - "Dancing The whole way home" which was released 1:st of April 2009 and was an additional boost. Containing four Major Track Hits, and songs placed in TV-series such as Weeds, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and priority releases in Germany, Japan, France, Benelux, South Korea. On March 16:th, it is time for the sequel, album numer five entitled "Beats & Bruises", a tremendous album written and produced by Miss Li together with the squire Sonny Boy Gustafsson and who will undoubtedly cement Miss Li's place among the largest and most interesting Swedish artists. The first single "I can't get you off my mind" is already a big hit, just as it should. An extensive tour in Sweden will start in Miss Li's hometown Borlänge, on March 31:st, and after that festivals and releases in the rest of the world will follow.

Beats & Bruises的曲目列表

01. Devil's Taken Her Man (4:05)
02. I Can't Get You Off My Mind (3:56)
03. My Man (3:46)
04. Shoot Me (3:27)
05. You Could Have It (So Much Better Without Me) (3:55)
06. Forever Drunk (5:04)
07. Hit It (3:09)
08. Arrested (3:15)
09. Billy's Got A Gun (3:48)
10. Modern Family (3:18)
11. Are You Happy Now? (3:51)

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