Notes for the Synthesis

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The Seven Mile Journey / 摇滚 / 2011-03-18


Notes for the Synthesis” is constructed of 6 unified tracks moving through gloomy and melancholic passages to intense and captivating soundscapes. Each track tells its own tale in the overall storyline, inviting the listener into the role of narrator and interpretor of the instrumental introverted musical journey.
The album further explores The Seven Mile Journey´s musical approaches and concepts deeper than ever before, along with combining these with new ones. Through this the band creates new layers in their music and is intensifying and broadening the overall dimensions and expression in the songs, in the sound of The Seven Mile Journey, and in the new album as a whole.

Notes for the Synthesis的曲目列表

1 - Departures
2 - The Alter Ego Autopsies
3 - Simplicity has a Paradox
4 - The Engram Dichotomy
5 - Transits
6 - The Etiology Diaries

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