Not to Be Undimensional Conscious

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Disharmonic Orchestra / 摇滚 / 1992-05-26


Line-up :
Martin M. - Drums
Patrick K. - Voice, Guitar
Herwig Z. - Bass
Recorded & mixed at Sunglight Studio, Stockholm in Jan. 1992 by Tomas Skogsberg
Produced by Disharmonic Orchestra & Tomas Skogsberg
Executive production by Markus Staiger
Cover & inner sleeve painting by Gerhard Klopf
Back cover photo by Martin Rauchenwald
Inner sleeve photo by Giora Hirsch
Technical assistance on "Time Frame" by Helmut Wiederschwinger.
Re-released in 2008 by Metal Mind Productions in digipack format containing the
"Successive Substitution" EP as bonus. Limited to 2,000 copies.

Not to Be Undimensional Conscious的曲目列表

1. Perishing Passion
2. A Mental Sequence
3. Addicted Seas With Missing Pleasure
4. The Return of the Living Beat
5. Groove
6. Idiosyncrasy
7. Like Madness From Above
8. Time Frame
9. Mind Seduction

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