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Nieve / 2011-01-08


Hip-Hop at its finest. Los Angeles based emcee Nieve has a lyrical style that is smooth, poetic, and captivating. His music combines elements of classic Hip-Hop and jazz to create a soulful, mellow sound.
Nieve has been rapping and making music since he was kid, perfecting his skills in numerous Hip-Hop shows, rap battles, and open mics across LA. His rhymes are inspired by artists such as Nas, Mos Def, Gangstar and Wu-tang as well as from Jazz artists, like John Coltrane and Miles Davis.
His first album "Away with Words.' gained the attention of popular Tokyo Hip-Hop Label "Goontrax" and was released in 2008. This led to further exposer for NIeve, and he has since collaborated on several successful Albums: (Soulbirds, Velvet Ballads, InYaMellowTone) and Singles: (Chronic Intoxication, Your Love, On My Way, and Talk it Out)- all of which have reached #1 on the Japan/Korea Itunes and Cyworld Music Charts.
Through it all, Nieve remains a genuine and humble artist, more concerned with making the music he loves, then chasing false aspirations of money and fame. Forever the student, Nieve continues to excel in his craft and enjoys learning and collaborating with fellow artist from all around the globe. With his fresh new sound and classic flow, Nieve is sure to be a welcomed addition to any hiphop fan's music library.


1. Playback (feat. Ine)
2. California (feat. Tunji)
3. Just Go
4. Still You Gotta Rise
5. Troubles of the Past
6. There For Me
7. Straight To Yo Mama (feat. Kamyar)
8. First Day
9. Revolutionary Action
10. Life's So Hard (feat. Noah King & A-Dub)
11. You Never Know
12. Doin That Today
13. Blue Magic (feat. Ine)
14. Ride For Me (feat. Lora Vladova)






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