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Autumn's Grey Solace / 2011-02-08


Autumn's Grey Solace returns with Eifelian, their sixth full length album. Eifelian is a collection of fourteen luscious darkwave compositions built on swelling emotional moods ranging from beautifully tranquil to darkly morose. Erin's richly layered vocals deliver a hypnotic effect, taking the listener's mind to otherworldly places. Scott's dense churning guitars create a wall of sound, completely enveloping the listener in lush ambience. Together, they create a spinning sonic world of escapism.
Eifelian tells the tale of early Earth. Vast wilderness, lonely yet peaceful, a serene planet. Seven-string minor guitar chords, the low-end growl of a 5-string bass, ambient mandolin, and other more exotic sounds are heard throughout the album. Of course, there is a liberal dose of shoegaze staples: heavily processed electric guitars, drums immersed in reverb, and atmospheric vocals. Eifelian lies on the darker side of the Autumn's Grey Solace sound with an ample amount of melancholy tones.


1. Archean Earth
2. Faint Young Sun
3. Phobic Sea
4. Halfway Underground
5.Unfamiliar Spirits
6. Devonian Serene
7. Eifelian
8. Riverbled
9. Gondwanaland
10. Serravallian
11. A Soul Ensnared
12. Redivivus
13. Holocene
14. Fauna





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