Two States & the Blindness That Follows

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Travel By Sea / 民谣 / 2010-10-19


Two States and the Blindness That Follows released later this month is the new album from Travel by Sea and for me their best work-to-date, the bands sound has evolved with the line up that has added Dan Moore (bass), John Phinney (pedal steel, banjo), Mike Cusick (drums), Andrew Morrison (guitar) to the original pairing of singer/songwriter Kyle Kersten and multi-instrumentalist Brian Kraft, the guys have honed the songs over the last couple of years performing them live, if that doesn’t sound revelatory to you then a short history lesson on Travel By Sea is needed – originally a duo Kyle and Brian’s collaborations on the previous pair of albums were long distance the songs created and refined over the internet bridging the distance between California and Colorado.
The band have offered up a pair of songs to whet the appetite for the upcoming release, I love tracks that fade in and build, I’m a sucker for twang and guitar solo’s too - The Road is one of my favourite songs of the year and the albums lead off track Eventually isn’t far behind, a moody,reverberating, autumnal number.

Two States & the Blindness That Follows的曲目列表

01. Eventually
02. Glimpse of Day
03. To Your Eyes
04. Light in the Darkness
05. Sign of the Times
06. I Still Feel the Same
07. Even the Sunrise
08. The Road
09. Two States and the Blindness that Follows
10. Triumph and Loss

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