When The Headline Hit Home

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Our Ceasing Voice / 2011-02-19


Based on the upcoming novel by Sebastian Obermeir, Our Ceasing Voice's new 2011 album pursues the concept established with their 2009 EP Steadied Stars In The Morphium Sky, while the development to a darker, more dynamic sound is clearly no......ticeable. Beautiful and saddening at the same time, the Austrians draw attention to fragility, passionately making one's flesh creep and thereby portraying a dramatic story full of yearning and desperation. How it will end, however, lies only in your hands.

When The Headline Hit Home的曲目列表

1. passenger killed in hit and run
2. without even breathing
3. highway lights
4. the only ones dead (are those who are forgotten)
5. hopes of yore
6. summer's orange haze
7. polaroids and chinese whispers
8. within the nick of time

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