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Maximilian Hecker / 2010-11-19

Favourite Demos的曲目列表

1 Green Night (Demo Version)
2 Cold Wind Blowing (Demo Version)
3 Over (Demo Version)
4 Infinite Love Song (Demo Version)
5 I Am Falling Now (Demo Version)
6 Thats What You Do (Demo Version)
7 My Story (Demo Version)
8 Daylight (Demo Version)
9 My Love for You Is Insane (Demo Version)
10 Never-ending Days (Demo Version)
11 My Friends (Demo Version)
12 Daze of Nothing (1997 Demo Version)
13 Yeah, Eventually She Goes (Acoustic Version)
14 Snow White (Demo Version)
15 No More Lies to Reach You (Demo Version)
16 Your Stammering Kisses (Demo Version)
17 Velvet Son (Demo Version)
18 Silly Lily, Funny Bunny (Demo Version)
19 Ill Be a Virgin, I'll Be a Mountain (Demo Version)
20 The Saviour (Demo Version)
21 You Came to Me When I Was Born (Demo Version)
22 Feel Like Children (Demo Version)
23 The Space That Youre In (Demo Version)
24 Misery (Demo Version)
25 This Poison Called Love (Demo Version)
26 Summerwaste (Demo Version)
27 All These Cradles Blankets Will Never Veil My 0Whole Substance (Demo Version)

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