Kiss Each Other Clean

6.9 652人评价

Iron & Wine / 民谣 / 2011-02-01


Limited vinyl LP pressing includes bonus CD edition. 2011 release, the fourth album from highly acclaimed American Indie Folk singer/songwriter Sam Beam AKA Iron & Wine. Kiss Each Other Clean is the follow-up to 2007's 'The Shepherd's Dog and his first album for the cult 4AD label following his departure from Sub Pop. Described by Beam himself as a more Pop-oriented record inspired by '70s FM radio, this looks set to bring his melancholy, literate songwriting to a whole new audience.

Kiss Each Other Clean的曲目列表

1 Walking Far From Home
2 Me and Lazarus
3 Tree by the River
4 Monkeys Uptown
5 Half Moon
6 Rabbit Will Run
7 Godless Brother in Love
8 Big Burned Hand
9 Glad Man Singing
10 Your Fake Name Is Good Enough for Me

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