Live It Up

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Lee Dewyze / 2010-11-16


黎·德维兹(Lee Dewyze),全名(Leon James Dewyze),中国观众习惯称其为“黎叔” 。Lee Dewyze于1986年4月2日出生于美国伊利诺伊州景色山(Mount Prospect,Illinois), 在参加美偶大赛之前,一直在Chicago做一名普通涂料销售员的工作。 凭借着扎实的唱功和个人魅力,Lee Dewyze在第九季美国偶像大赛获得冠军之后声名大噪。
2010 debut album from the American Idol Season 9 winner. The new music showcases Lee as an individual artist and longtime songwriter who has come a long way since his audition for American Idol in Chicago. DeWyze is a self-taught musician who has been singing and playing the guitar since his early teenage years. In the short time since he won American Idol, Lee continues to impress his fans with his growth and maturity as an artist

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Live It Up


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