Special Affections

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Diamond Rings / 电子 / 2010-10-25


Diamond Rings, the glam-pop moniker of Toronto-based songwriter John O'Regan,
will release his debut full-length, Special Affections, on October 26 via
Secret City Records. After priming the internet hype-pump with a series of
hook-heavy and highly danceable singles (with accompanying glittered-out
videos), Diamond Rings headed into the studio and recorded an album that
supposedly jumps from club-ready rave-ups to space-rock bangers and syrupy
"I try not to worry about fitting into a certain genre or style so much as I
want to create my own world and follow my creative impulses fearlessly,"
O'Regan tells CMJ via e-mail. "There are so many sides of my personality that
I feel haven't been adequately expressed, and I'm really excited to have been
given the time and space of a full album to let it all hang out."
Diamond Rings will play a series of North American shows in August, including
a stop at the Pop Montreal Festival on September 30. If Diamond Rings?videos
are any indication, the live shows should be wild affairs; expect purple eye
shadow and heavily synchronized dancing.
"Each and every night my main goal as a performer is to lift the blinds and
let my audience peek through the window into my own world," says O'Regan. "I
really hope that people come out expecting to make a real connection with
what I'm doing and use the experience to make positive changes in their own

Special Affections的曲目列表

01. Play By Heart
02. Wait And See
03. On Our Own
04. You And Me
05. Give It Up
06. Pre-Owned Heart
07. Something Else
08. You Oughta Know
09. It's Not My Party
10. All Yr Songs

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