The Cult of Negation

8.4 220人评价

Nocturnal Depression / 2010-09-03


Nocturnal Depression is a French Suicidal / Depressive Black Metal band formed in 2004.
It is Depressive and Suicidal Black Metal filled with feelings of melancholy, misanthropy and longing for death. This French duo is influenced by the likes of Burzum, Forgotten Tomb, Xasthur and other similar black metal acts.

The Cult of Negation的曲目列表

1. Credo Negativo 03:37
2. They 06:03
3. We're All Better Off Dead 05:47
4. Home Asylum 09:03
5. Dead Children 07:31
6. The Cult of Negation 11:42

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