Huckleberry Cherry And Boules

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Gregory And The Hawk / 民谣 / 2010-08-07


Meredith Godreau is an American singer-songwriter performing under the pseudonym Gregory and the Hawk. Active since 2003, Godreau initially enjoyed independent success with 2 EPs and a full length album selling a total of 15,000 copies. Gregory & The Hawk set out on a short US jaunt this weekend with a show at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom supporting The Album Leaf. Available for sale at these shows will be a very limited five-song tour CDEP called “Huckleberry, Cherry, & Boules” featuring all new self-recorded songs. Gregory & The Hawk are planning to release a second FatCat album later this year.
EP sold directly by Meredith Godreau on her 2010 mini-tour of the midwest. Very experimental and won’t see an official, label release.

Huckleberry Cherry And Boules的曲目列表

1. Dumplin Bumpin
2. Couldn’t Be Then Who
3. Inventi la Menti
4. Soulgazing
5. Power to the Poplar

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