Take Me Home

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Sam Clark / 2010-08-24


Take Me Home' is the debut album for musician/actor Sam Clark. Sam first came to Australia's attention in 2006 as the popular 'Ringo Brown' on Neighbours. Since then, Sam has racked up over 400 episodes on the cult soap. 2009 saw Sam's musical debut with single 'Broken', which went on to secure the #1 ARIA physical chart position and impact on both the Australian and combined singles charts. 'Take Me Home' delivers beautifully melodic songs with thought-provoking lyrics, including 'Send Me a Sign' and 'Devastated' as heard on Neighbours

Take Me Home的曲目列表

01. Never Should Have Left
02. Devastated
03. Save Us Tonight
04. Broken
05. Send Me A Sign
06. Come So Far
07. Lay Me Down
08. Catching Up
09. Messenger
10. Take Me Home
11. Suddenly

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