Virtual Love

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tomi / 2010-6-16


TOMI- SInger songwriter, producer who made his second album VIrtual love all by himself and played all instruments takes you through a journey of a one man band.In the times when music is loosing quality and becoming cheap and shallow this album captures originality and real talent. From RnB felt ballads to Funky, Pop driven fast tunes you will find catchy hit songs all over this masterpiece by this phenomenal singer songwriter producer. Tomi's second album was released in Japan Sony Music 2010 and hit number 1 ringtone with one of the songs. Tomi was also opening act for Backstreet Boys on japan tour. Check out the album see for yourself ...

Virtual Love的曲目列表

01. Lonely With You 3:38
02. What It Feels Like 3:39
03. Tell Me The Truth 3:28
04. Love Is Not Enough 4:18
05. Sexy Girl 3:28
06. Perfect 10 3:40
07. Soulmate 3:36
08. Party With You 3:49
09. Always On The Run 3:47
10. Thinking About You 3:26
11. Never Be Lonely 3:44
12. What If Feels Like Remix 3:48
13. Ready 4:09
14. Tears In Heaven 3:48

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