Wonderful Life

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Hurts / 电子 / 2010-08-22


Hurts' stunningly beautiful "Wonderful Life" was first released back in April but it is finally get some traction among pop aficionados everywhere. Hurts is the British pop duo of Theo Hutchcraft (vocals) and Adam Anderson (synths/guitar).
Together they put out a retro-styled pop sound that is drenched in '80s new wave and romanticism. It's that kind of sweet and crunchy pop that takes you right back to '80s pop glory with bands like Ultravox, ABC and Human League.
Biff Stannard (Kylie, Little Boots) recognized the duo's talent and signed Hurts to his Major Label label that is distributed by Sony Music. No indie route for Hurts. Hutchcraft and Anderson skip the line and go straight for the big time.

Wonderful Life的曲目列表

1 Wonderful Life (Radio Edit) [New Version]
2 Wonderful Life (Mantronix Remix)
3 Wonderful Life (Arthur Baker Remix)
4 Wonderful Life (Freemasons Remix Radio Edit)
5 Wonderful Life (Freemasons Extended Mix)

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