Joe Henderson and Kikuchi Hino In Concert

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Masabumi Kikuchi / Terumasa Hino / Joe Henderson / 爵士 / 1994


Recorded at the Tokyo Toshi Center Hall, Tokyo, Japan, on August 5, 1971, this live set features Henderson with an incredible line up of Japanese young lions.The session took place the day after Henderson's appearance at the Junk Club, Tokyo, for the recording of 'Joe Henderson In Japan' on the Milestone label and is something of a different beast.
"Sunrise In Tokyo" kicks us off with a terrific head and solos from the three major protagonists while "So What" is taken at a rapid tempo and again showcases the big three from the lp title."Get Magic Again" is a more abstract piece moving into New Thing territory with great piano from Kikuchi who penned the title.

Joe Henderson and Kikuchi Hino In Concert的曲目列表

1.Sunrise In Tokyo(J.Henderson)
2.So What(Miles Davis)
3.Get Magic Again(M.Kikuchi)


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