Akira Kurosawa's Movie Soundtracks


Fumio Hayasaka / Masaru Sato / 2010-05-25


Format: 4-fold gatefold 4LP set 140 gram virgin vinyl - Ltd edition 1000 copies Doxy brings you this deluxe 4LP set of Akira Kurosawa's most celebrated soundtracks in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of this great master of Japanese cinema! Akira Kurosawa's films dominated Japanese cinema for nearly half a century and his influence has been so widespread and profound that the world's best filmmakers seem to unanimously sing his praise. He first gained the attention of the international filmmaking community in 1951 when his masterpiece, Rashomon, won top prize at the Venice Film Festival. It was during this time that Kurosawa also began collaborating with the award-winning composer Fumio Hayasaka. The two great men soon formed a deep connection, with Kurosawa later commenting that Hayasaka caused him to see film music as a "counterpoint" to the image instead of a mere "accompaniment". Another promising young composer, Masaru Sat?, soon joined the ranks at Toho Studios, working under Hayasaka. However, when Hayasaka died suddenly in 1955, Sat? was left on his own to finish the unfinished film score. Kurosawa was so impressed with the results that he asked Sat? to score his next two films, Throne of Blood and The Hidden Fortress.

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