The Mercian Sphere

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Winterfylleth / 2010-07-27

Country: United Kingdom
Style: Pagan Black Metal

The Mercian Sphere的曲目列表

1. Gateway To The Dark Peak / The Solitary One Waits For Grace (The Wayfarer Pt I) 07:05
2. Awakens He, Bereft of Kinsmen (The Wayfarer Pt II) 07:25
3. The Fields of Reckoning 05:33
4. Children of the Stones 04:45
5. The Ruin 06:52
6. The Honour Of Good Men On The Path To Eternal Glory 10:17
7. To Find Solace... Where Security Stands (The Wayfarer Pt III) 10:11
8. When The Woods Were Young 02:24
9. A Valley Thick With Oaks 07:22
10. Defending the Realm 06:31

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