Touch The Sky

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Radical Face / 电子 / 2010-06-28


‘Touch The Sky’ is a digital-only EP by Radical Face, Ben Coopers (Electric President) one-man-project. It features ‘Welcome Home’, a passionate piece of Indie-Songwriting, that has recently become a hit, also as it was part of a big campaign for digital cameras…. Then there is an alternate, acoustic version of ‚Glory’, a song that already appeared on Cooper’s debut ‘Ghost’. Plus it has three new songs, that fit perfectly with the musical cosmos of Radical Face: Elaborated songwriting with a feel of chamber pop. The EP is released by our Sublabel ‘Sound Of A Handschake’ and digital only.

Touch The Sky的曲目列表

01. Welcome Home (Touch The Sky EP Version)
02. Glory (Acoustic Version)
03. Doorways
04. A Little Hell
05. The Deserter’s Song
06. Welcome Home (Reprise)

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